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Saturday, December 22, 2007
12/22/2007 09:51:00 PM
A need to be more organised..~~

With me going on to a new job and having more DEADlines responsibilities, there is an immense need for me to have a organiser by my side.

And that is why I bought this PDA handphone - O2 XDA Zinc.

This is really a great phone - for the 1st time in my life I am able to surf wireless in public places keep tab of important dates... =D

Sunday, November 25, 2007
11/25/2007 07:24:00 PM

With my remaining matters like payroll matters from my ex-company coming close to being settled, this serves as a relief for me & also an indicator that I can finally have a fresh start in my new Company. =)

In fact, guess what, I HIGHLY suspect that I will end up being the one compensating the Firm since I did not serve the one month's notice that is required of me. And for that I really can't be bothered. In fact if that toopid HR were to ever ask me for compensation I will take my own SWEEET time and pay up only when I FEEL like it...wahaha...

This will teach her a lesson for take her own bloody own sweet time to settle my leaves and her bad attitude...grrr~!

In addition to that, my examis just over & I am really keeping my fingers crossed as to what kind of rubbish grades I will be getting.. =S

But during this period, I also took the chance to go fro a short holiday to Hangzhou and Shanghai. Although my previous job requires me to travel to China regularly - sometimes even for practically the whole month but I necer really got a chance to enjoy China as I am simply too busy working my ass away in the hotel room.. =(

Mum and me went on a self-planned trip for 1 week.

A true luxury to me given the fact that I never really like , in fact I hated, tour groups.. =[

Anyway the weather in Shanghai and Hangzhou was superb - cool weather and too hot and sunny.. =P

Anyway, took some really great pictures for this trip..

Hangzhou West Lake

Some nice view at a waterfall.. =P

Amongst Long Jing tea plantations

Allow me to be abit self-centered. Juz tot that this is a nice photo to upload..wahaha..Taken during our 1st dinner in Shanghai @ a Sichuan restaurant.. =P

View outside our hotel in Shanghai **PRIME VIEW**

Night views of the bund..

Day view of the bund

Monday, November 12, 2007
11/12/2007 08:43:00 PM
My wedding that turned out to be a disaster

We are getting married at last.

Finally this day has come for us.

Our wedding is held at a grand venue - the stadium.

There are so many well-wishers attending this grand event of the century.

I look so good. Bettet than even before. =P

I feel like I am the most fortunate person that ever lived on earth.

This wedding ceremony was carried out with the best wishes from my family. Something that I never thought would happen in my life.

But soon after the ceremony you became indifferent towards me. I am not your priority anymore. This made me heartbroken that I am not the only one you see.

And alas, we ended up in a tragic state - divorce. =(

I woke up in tears.

I pray hard that this will never happen in reality in our lives.

Will it? =S

Saturday, September 01, 2007
9/01/2007 03:14:00 PM
A future to look forward to?

As we celebrated our 2 years anniversary, our common dream seems to become further from us (at least that is what I perceive it to be). Dreams that used to inspire me in the past, now made me feel more troubled.

Nothing seems to be logical now. I don't know what I am still hanging around for. No matter how hard we try to meet midway, we don't seem to be at each other's standards. Its just a brush of shoulders. Sad, I would say...

Want so badly to slow down but what's the use? Time waits for no man. Its a take it or leave it world out there.

You said that I am too selfish to think about myself & nothing else. This is not true. Feel so wronged. Its US that is the most important to me.

Been having more quarrels lately. Its not my fault. You have changed COMPLETELY. No wonder people say that the way a guy treat his mum is the same way he will treat his gf much less his wife.

For what are we hanging on to this relationship that is so messed up?

Just as you are disappointed with me I am equally disappointed, if not more, with you.

I see no hope in us anymore.

Feel anger and disappointment with you. I don't know how to live with you anymore.

Bleak future...

What am I to do? Want so much to escape from it all just like what I did 2 years ago. Can I do that? Will I ever be able to do that?

But what's keeping me from doing that?

So envious of the people out there.

I am indeed the Green-Eyed Monster.

Looking back at the recent gifts he gave me / we did to celebrate our monthly anniversary gave me the following thoughts:

9th month anniversary
We met in Orchard Road for shopping. After that, we bought some delicious Japanese food and shared it on the marble top outside Wisma Atria.

He even rushed to Suntec to buy me a nice bracelet before he went for class. *Touched* He always knows what kind of gifts makes me smile... =)

23rd month anniversary
He cooked me a big plate of cream spaghetti and even bought a bottle of wine to celebrate this special day. I can never resist his cooking especially when it comes to white creamy spaghetti which he specially cooked with extra lots of cream and cheese. A truely delightful surprise for me.

2 year anniversay
The last time he bought me anything so expensive was when we were together for barely a week. He bought me a diamon ring. And now 2 years later, I got another nice shimmery diamond ring from him. A bigger and more expensive than the 1st.

A renewal of love's promises?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
8/15/2007 09:29:00 AM
My First Time at a concert

Never in my 22 years have I ever attended a concert - as I have thought it to be expensive and I could jolly well be listening in to the singer's songs on CD in the comfort of my own home.

But today, I attended my 1st @ NUS UCC Hall.

I attended Corrinne May's concert - Beautiful Seed =)

A great concert, I must say. There was a grand piano in the centre of the stage & together with it are drums, guitars, percussions & even strings. And of cos there is Kavin, the Music Director cum manager cum husband of Corrinne May.

Talking about a cool couple team, this must be it..hehe

Anyway with all the live band, the concert was magical. The lightings just made things even better. Well, this could be my 1st time in a concert that is why everything seems so fresh to me. But one thing I can certainly be sure about is that even people who have been to Corrinne May's concert enjoyed it too. =P

Her voice is so powerful yet so full of emotions.

Her voice seems to go so well with the band.

In fact for some moment her songs made me think about those days back then when Eddy courted me by singing her songs. There was a song from her collection used by him back then for my every mood. That is why when she sang those songs, it made me tear abit.

But seems like Eddy enjoyed it more than me cos he was shaking his head, hands & feet to the rhythm but to my

Its DISTRACTING me~!!! Grrr.....

After the concert, we rushed out to get in the queue for autograph. Omg, when I saw the queue I almost fainted. Its so freakily long. Think there is almost like 100+ people in front of us *faintz*.

Hence explaining why we queued from 11pm all the way to almost 1am before we got there. Yeah~!

The long-awaited photo..hehe

The soul of the concert.. =)

In total, I would say that this concert is a success~!

My boss likes Corrinne May's concert too. When I told him that Corrinne May's concert is not some crazy concert where fans stand around, scream and faint but instead all the fans just sitin their cosy seats to enjoy the nice ambience, we started to have a mini discussion about this. Finally, he told me this..

Screaming & waving green light stix is for the young; sitting around & listening is for the old.

I completely son't agree with it at all as I simply like to sit in the soft chair listening in to the concert. Its simply one of life's enjoyment~! =P

This does not mean I am not old right? =S

Anyway, these are my rewards for having queued so long...haha

Autographed album addressed to ME & EDDY~! =O

Beautiful concert postcard..

Of coz, I MUST hv it autographed too (@ the back).. =P

A great album..must support~! =P