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Saturday, December 31, 2005
12/31/2005 09:50:00 PM
Many thoughts as the year came to an end - entering into the year of 2006..

Thou I've a new love but somewhere in my heart I still feel as if this year is no diff from my any other year ba. Esp when I was reading the blog of others earlier today, read many of them having plans of count down in town tonite either with their loved ones or family. Seeing all the fireworks and talking excited about the resolution for the year while looking forward to the new year. But me? I've got no such plans and even have this hunch that things will not get any better for me. And worse of all, I caused someone to be lonely not only on x'mas eve, but also on new year day. Haiz..such a failure I am...

In fact this whole year has been both a good and bad year for many things to say..yet duno where to begin with..But anyway guess this is the best time to ponder abt them as the year come to a close.. =)

The year started with me in tears...and later on the ending of a relationship that I tot could last..Who knows how tough it has been for me during that period..well..partly the others duno coz I am not one who tell others my problems easily..lest I become vulnerable to their "attack" or they may think negative of me?

Then my family hasn't been doing fine. I suppose one of the sadest thing that happen is the death of my grandpa. Would like to pay tribute to him as he was the one who has watch me grow up and also doted on us alot. The regret I have was that I could not get to see his face for the 1 last time even as the coffin lid close as I din have my glasses or contact lens with me..worse still din even get to see him breath is last breathe despite me being the one doing the nite watch..coz i actually doze off~! But still, will always be missing him..haiz~

Then later part of the year started working in aunt's audit firm. It was a memorable experience whereby I pick up alot of skills there and moz importantly made lots of friends there..some of those are my mentor (May), Wendy (Always kana bully by me) and also Jason (My audit manager who is a funny yet a no-nonsense guy esp when its time to "tok biz")...

It was during that period that I met Eddy. He is a totally sweet guy to me (and he still is till today), minus the occasional tiffs that we had. With little surprises he gives me every now and then, it touches my heart that he is still trying to "spice" up the r/s instead of letting things between us become mundane. One thing I am happy abt is that during this months we have been together, he change alot or rather tailor-made himself to suit my specific needs (hey..not as if I've got wierd needs hor.. =S )..Probably despite my many failed r/s this 1 could finally work out rite? =)

During this year, I also gained many friends. One of whom I bacame much closer to was Peixin. She was there to hear my problems, just as I was there for her when she needed. Then there was Ava whom I only got to know only during Management Maths class this year. The 2 of us were also like 2 chicken backsides who just can't stop talking when we meet, even if we are in class. But at the same time, I've lost a group of friends whom I got to know right from day 1 of school. Some may be thinking that I was feeling sad or something like that but, no, am not. Coz these are the friends who make a clown of me and have total no regards for me. If ever I were to feel that it was a pity leaving the group, it would be becoz of Jessie. She was my 1st friend (knew her from orientation). She was such a sweet friend and still ask me to go back to the group and still come round to talk to me despite her knowing all that happen. This I really appreciate~! =)

Alot of memorable things happen around us this year too, that set my mind thinking abt it.

One of which is the hanging of the austrailian drug traficker in SG that resulted in a big uproar in Australia where they are totally against capital punishment. the 1st place, this is SG and we are a sovereign state. So why in the world do the ppl in down-under think they have the rite to obstruct the way we sentence a criminal that committed an offence in our boundary? And more so its DRUG TRAFFICKING~! So many lives lost for no reason if we do not do something to deter such inhumane acts. But on the other hand, I would also think that the hanging of that tracficker will not be of too much of a help as there are the bigger fishes out there. Haiz..the world is never fair..the bad always get away with things until a long long time before they are finally caught..

Then there is another issue that is worth pondering about. That would be the NKF issue. Gosh..who would ever think that a miserable sum of 10 cents out of $1 is given to the patients? Lots of fraud and scandals involve in this whole case..that once against put to shame abt the role of audit whose purpose is to detect such "nonsense" in the accounts. But in any case with each article about that case I read it makes my blood boil. How can anyone be so unscrupulous as to even take the $$ donated by the public out of goodwill for their own benefits? Imagine giving themselves several pay rise in a year at the expense of the patients~! grrr~! But still, we should still donate if not what would happen to those unfortunate patients. But of course, this time round we should require more accountability and transparency of the accounts of these charity organisations, unlike in the past where these organisations need not be subjected to the strict audit as faced by the corporate companies.

Then finally (not as if the list ends here) it my neighbour. Just can't seem to curse them enough. They are such an irritant that I could even dream of killing them all in my sleep. Esp that gangster like son of theirs. Wish someone would juz bash him up and show him what he deserve. Not too much a punishment bahz, probably juz break his arm or something since he is juz another asshole and can't even stick on to a job for long and all he does is to disturb our life. So those limbs of his or even his life is worth nothing. That scatter brain should juz make himself scarce on this face of the world~! grrr~!

But what my day which marks its significance was that we finally called the police and they came knocking on their door just as they were happily singing away and merrily that they have irritated us. Well, yes, they have really irritated us. And thou I know that this will not the end of their nuisance but at least..I was filled with glee at the last day of the year. Hohoho~! Guess what was 1 ridiculous thing they said to defend themselves? They said that they had the right to sing and if we can't take it then WE have to close the door. Shit them~! In the 1st place, they DON'T have the hell of a right to sing and kaoz...damn cheapskate ppl~! Like to screech so much then go to KTV...Bloody hell~! If not better still, get their fat ass to a bigger house (that is if they can afford which I doubt they can't coz they are all a piece of shit who can't even hold their job for long). Suckers~!

So that is why I say this is a year full of goodness..yet lots of things piss me off too..hope the next new year will be a brand new year for me where I can enjoy life happier with all my frez and loved ones. Minus those irritant pest, of cos~! Duh~! =P

With this year coming to an end, guess its time to make a New year wish? well, what I really want is freedom. Freedom to do the things that I always wanted to do. To have a peaceful life with my loved ones..lesser tears and fighting. And of course, most importantly is to be able to get a good honours for my degree and get a good job. Probably in the auditing field? Wow, if those I mention is really gona happen..It would really b great~! Not as if my wish is very difficult to fulfil mahz, rite? =)

Maybe I should be evaluating myself too? Well, this year I've been rather hot temper. In fact, I think sometimes my temper gets so fiery that I got scared too. That's y was tinking to myself that not many people not to say guys can stand it. But at the same time, more and more I am beginning to fight my right. No longer will I just stand there and let people get away with things that they've done to me. Probably this contributed to my temper? But at the same time I know more and more to treasure r/s esp those who have treated me well. Call this the effect of turning 21? No longer I do things w/o thinking. In fact more and more I thinking further and further into the future. This makes some people think I think too much. But what to do? I ain't got many years of "golden" years. No longer can I afford to waste my time doing things with no outcome or outcome that does not benefit me or those involved. No wonder I keep hearing this saying from the mouths of the adults: "Kids are so fortunate, living such a carefree life". This, I am begining to feel it too.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
12/28/2005 11:03:00 PM
Been having this rather negative thought today. A thought that has been circling in my mind and yeaning to find an answer. But to no avail, of course.

Dreams & goals seems to be there in placed to make a person strive for the best that they can be. But unrealistic ones juz bring hurt and suffering to not only yourself but also the people around you, esp those who loves you. Is it wrong to set such goals in the 1st place? Is it wrong to impose ur dreams and goals on others? What's the significance of it when a goal is achieved at the expense of another's misery? Can this lead to resentment?

What is love?
Is it something that makes one change for the better?
Or is it something that makes one change just to make the other smile?
Is trying to slim down, dress well, spend wise a part of showing love?

I once receive a msg that writes this:

You love a person when...
~ No matter how busy you are, he/she will be in your mind
~ You like being with him/her - just the 2 of you
~ When you are with him/her you pretend not to pay attn to him/her; but when he/she is out of you sight you will begin looking desperately for him/her
~ When he/she is sick you will care for him/her
~ If he/she gets close to another person you will get jealous
~ When he/she puts his/her face close to yours, you will blush
~ You are happy just to see him/her happy

When You finish reading this, who appears in your mind? That will be the peron whom you really love.

How true is it for you, I don't know?

But for me, it seems quite true...

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
12/27/2005 10:08:00 PM
Yesterday and today has been a rather gloomy day. A totally great day for sleeping. Unlike what eddy says that the sky is "wierd". (-_-")

Mock exams and final exams are just around the corner and me starting to fall sick. One day have ulcer. The other day have serious stomach cramp. Then today have block nose and gastric pain. I can be as unlucky as to cut my gum when brushing teeth. Haiz~! =(

In this gloomy day cant really help but to think of the past. The times spent. How I miss them. Is it true that one shd nt live in the past memories. Am I the only one in this artificial world who has the habit of reminiscing the past? How true to say time once passed will never return. Never returning to the good old times no matter how you wish you could. So all out there, me included, should cherish the times spent becoz' it may be the one & only opportunity you will enjoy such good times. As each good time is unique as it is~! =)

Sunday, December 25, 2005
12/25/2005 10:28:00 PM
Its a beautiful x'mas day~! Waking up after a whole nite of rain. Busied myself with god knows what (I really duno what I've been busy the whole morning but time past extremely quickly)..Before I knew it, it was time to meet darling for our x'mas outing..yipee~! Looking forward to it lei.. =)

This year's x'mas is the 1st special x'mas I spent in my whole 21 yrs of living. Becoz for once in my life I can spend with a partner..and not being alone despite being attach for whatever reason the other party has - such as having to work or attend course overseas...And moz importantly this is also 1 year where I recv the most stuff which I like..this I not only refer to that frm Eddy, but also from my friends..

Some of the stuff given by darling was even those I pointed to him when we went out shopping..he claimed that he actually bought it before I pointed out to true it is, I duno..but still I love it~! haha

A cute pink Tikuz which I pointed out to him~!

A Box full of presents~! Wehehe~! =)

There were actually alot other prezzies I received from my friends but to prevent the danger of me missing out any of them I better not take pic of them...if nt I cant imagine my "ending" if I do become senile and miss anyone out..hehe

But of all..1 of the wierdest prezzie I got this year was a bra frm Michelle and peixin..aiyo..was shocked when I received it lo..haha..But anyway thanx lei it~! Hmm..wan me wear it for u to see mahz? haha

Then thanks May & Wendy for the very cute water bottle will surely be of very good use to me de~! =)

Oh..aniwae saw some nice pic on the goggle search website..its specially put up for the x'mas season..enjoy~!

To the world again..Merry X'mas..May all you out there have a joyous year ahead~! =)

Saturday, December 24, 2005
12/24/2005 11:08:00 AM
Image hosted by

Hohoho~! Merry Christmas to all out there~! =)

Guess everyone's out there partying eh? haha

Well as for me will be celebarting with my family on x'mas eve nite..hopefully tml can mit up with darling and pass to him my present..till then enjoy and take carez all~! =)

Ohh..before I forget..visit this website...its very funny~!

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Friday, December 23, 2005
12/23/2005 11:46:00 PM
Was having very bad cramps for the past few days. This made me rather weak. at one point Eddy insisted that I go see a doctor to find out what was wrong or at least get medicine to relive my suffering. But the usual me refused to go and ended up being scolded quite sternly by him. This is 1 of the very few times I see him flare up with me..But this I wasn't quite used to it, in fact was a bit hurt. To me I just din see the need to see a doc as on 1 hand I perceive my body to have the ability to recover by itself and also I think that it is a waste of $$ to see a doc me a miser if u wan.. =P

Then what touch me the most was that he actually woke up earlier so as to bring some chicken essence drink for me to drink..Wa..despite this nt being my 1st relationship..this is the 1st time any guy (bf) has cared for me till this extent..muz admit it did touched my heart a little..hehe

Fortunately for me after eating a few rounds of medication, I began to feel better liao..juz in time for xmas..if nt i would have still be too weak to enjoy the delicious food of the...haha

Later in the evening met Eddy for dinner. Before that he had xmas party in office so the sweet boy actually din eat the food but instead save them to eat with me when I meet him sweet.. =)

What a spread~! Yummy~! =P~~~

We even manage to taken pics of us together w/o the help of others as darling brought his camera stand..yippee~! =)

What a spread of food & gifts.. =P

Another of our "masterpiece"..hehe

Rushed to watch the sneak preview of Wallace & Gromit..its a rather nice movie & I do love the plasticine characters..esp the rabbit..they look so cute & make very cute sounds..Not only that the gadgets that Wallace built were amazing..I would love to have some of those..haha

For those who are still living in their childhood fantasy shd watch it..I rate it 7 out of 10.. =)

Friday, December 16, 2005
12/16/2005 11:01:00 PM
Went with family to eat porridge buffet at Suntec City..the day started out rather hectic as I was busy choosing the rite clothes to wear. The main criteria is that not only the clothes has to be mei mei de but oso have to be loose fitting if nt wait eat the buffet le tummy pop out then how? Hehe

The choosen top..nice? =P

At the buffet there was a lot of ppl unlike in the past where there were only a few ppl..nw the place is filled with ppl of all ages even the old are opening their stomaches for the simple yet delicious food...hehe

Grandma is cute thou. There was once she kept asking me and sis if we wanted to eat pig trotters..haha..little did we know that she actually was having a craving herself to eat after much pestering she finally started pilling her plate with food again (note that juz awhile ago is was announcing that she is FULL liao) cute~! Hehe

After eating, we went to shop..bought a top frm Giordano..v nice white top..but hmm..that's to share between me and my mum de..sadz..but its least I manage to get hold of a very cute Giordano plastic bag...yipee~! =)

Later on went to Careffour. While waiting for mum to choose grapes, I began walking around and came across something very unique and's a fermented's v the holes of the cheese there are some green stuff which look somewhat like algae..looking at it make me tempted to take a pic of it to show to you guys…enjoy.. =)

The disgusting cheese which smells horrible =S

Went to do some xmas shopping too..finally bought a gift for Peixin, Michelle and Eddy's mum...nw broke again...hehe..gota save more by this week if nt can't get the rest of the presents I may probably be shot? Hehe

At the end of the day, we were all totally drained and was dozing off in the MRT..juz short of snoring all the way frm City Hall MRT to Khatib MRT station..hehe

Forcing grandma to take pic with me...haha

Doesn't this look better than the 1st? At least grandma is smiling liao lei.. =)

Taking a self pic of myself b4 going to Zzzz on the train (Hope I din drool) =P

Thursday, December 15, 2005
12/15/2005 11:41:00 AM
Had a really terrible headache today..probably coz things still hasn't been going too well for me..haiz..think I dying soon le..

Before class was talking to Peixin on the phone, she was telling me that she will be gone to Hong Kong tml and ask if there is anything I wanted for xmas or do I have any wishlist or answer to her is that all I wan for xmas is peaceful life & peace around me (I am nt trying to be funny here or what..but this is really what I really wish for xmas)..well..guess poor peixin or anyone cant grant me that wish...but this I will continue wishing for it till I get it someday...

Aniwae after class, talk to Wenhui and his friends outside the lecture theatre while copying notes from him..its was really a fun time i least it helps me to forget my troubles and headache for awhile... =)

After which met darling after work as he wanted to eat the Japanese food from my school canteen...

On my way the bus (Bus 75) pass by Tanglin Shopping center (I think so..coz nt really sure the name of that place)..its really a beautiful sight..there were a lot of ppl playing around with the artificial snow spewing out of the "snow" making machine..even from the bus I could see that the ppl there are having a whole lot of fun..I even saw a few of them totally covered with the "snow" from head-to-toe...How I yearn to be there this xmas too...wonder if my dream will come true or not...

For dinner we had a really sumptuous 1..the both of us almost exploded frm eating..haha..coz not only we ate the Japanese food but also wanton mee from a very famous stall in Amoy Street Market..the serving for that is HUGE..imagine the owner dumping almost 10 pieces of steamed and friend dumplings and a whole bunch of charsiew and a whole mountain of noodle..gosh..this is really what I call value of money lei..its onli $2.50 only ah~!

Lately darling has been rather irritated with me. Maybe he is getting tired of me le? Or am I simply too irritating to him le? Aniwae I do have a lot of bad points so probably next time if we ever ain't together anymore (choi~!), I shd warn my future admirers to stay away frm me..coz when they are attracted to me..its fatal attraction? =S

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
12/14/2005 10:46:00 AM
Something happened at hm today. Haiz..practically storm out of the hse..don't really have the mood to go class so ended up calling darling asking if I could mit up with him...but that guy ah..juz woke up frm dreamland land la..probably he is thinking that he was toking to me in dreamland..coz by the time I reach Lavender MRT station where I was suppose to mit him he is still sleeping..grr...ended up I got to wait for him..haiz..nothing seems to be going rite for me today...

But oso la..the fault doesn't really lies in him ba..coz been quite emotionally unstable lately..

Aniwae had breakfast with him and after awhile both he and his mum go work end up I was left alone at his hse..well..actually it ain't such a bad thing after all...since its rather peaceful there (this is what I needed the moz at this pt in time with no 1 to disturb me and I am left to do my own things in peace)...aniwae as I have nt been sleeping well lately too so after doing some of my things I ended up dozing was a nice deep sleep thou..hehe

Could have slept more but aiyo darling gave a wake up call 1 hr me answered the call feeling groggy still..and after which went to ransake his hse of his snacks and food..yummy~! I am in paradise..wish I could kidnap ALL his titbits back hm thou...haha

After rotting for the whole day I seem to have grown horns & a tail le...coz I dun even want to go for my evening class le..lucky for me got hold of a friend who can lend me his notes to yeah..i can continue rotting ard till I become mouldy le..yipee~! =P

At ard 8.30PM, darling reach hm so I cook for him dinner le..ain't I sweet? Hehe

Guess what I cook for him? Got it rite? Yes..its INSTANT duck porridge~! Totally delicious rite? Ain't I a good housewife, these days rarely can find such kind liao lei..hehe

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
12/13/2005 11:25:00 PM
After class went to find a nice quiet place to study by ended up havinbg lunch with Ava and Constance. Juz as what u have guesses, we 3 gals started talking non-stop, it was only when Ava and Constance went to class that I finally could settle down and study...phew..hehe

Well after Ava's class she came over to chat with me as she had another class in the evening..but aiyo..that ger ah..skip class wor..noti noti..hehe

As for me left school earlier than expected so as to buy darling's fav fish rice and also to buy a xmas gift for him..hmm.wonder if he will like it when he recv it anot...hehe

But what makes the gift more precious and memorable is that I lost my way getting to the place where I got the place make me walk so long and gan jiong that I sweat a whole lorry load sweat ah..phew..hehe...but its worth it thou as I finally got what I want to buy.. =)

After dinner on the way hm darling gave me an early xmas's a v lovely bracelet, somemore its my fav kind lei..the CAT EYE type...nice~! =)


On the mrt oso saw a very wierd couple..hmm...the gal is really old looking and hmm..the fig abit..hmm..while the guy looks much younger than her and somemore the fig is not too bad lei..hmm..sets my curious or rather kapo little mind thinking liao..hehe

Saturday, December 10, 2005
12/10/2005 09:07:00 PM
Spent the whole day busying myself with things. Wow..I did quite a lot of things tidy up my room (even if it by a mere 1% is gd enuf hor) and moz importantly doing some self study, v guai rite? Hehe

Later in the day it started to rain heavily...tot that is the end of my shopping outing liao...there's a whole load of things that I wanna buy today lei..why..why muz it rain today? =)

Well luckily for me the rain eventually became smaller and we made our way to Causeway point to shop ba..its quite late liao lei..4pm..not really have mood liao lei..imagine waiting for the whole day?

Probably I can say I am "enjoying" life bahz? Hehe

Coz later in the nite I watch "Cast Away" on Channel’s a really nice show..coz I seldom can sit through the whole show de..but this is diff..i actually sat through the whole thing~! Haha

So you guys out there shd check out this movie..see if there is any VCD or DVD available... =)

Well aniwae am glad that I finally am able to buy some of my things..and its been really a long time since I went shopping with my family lei...weird but nice feeling bahz? hehe

Friday, December 09, 2005
12/09/2005 11:50:00 PM
Went to school to study least that was what I actually planned for..but hmm..when I reach school Peixin camteto my mind so decided to call her and check in which part of the school is she in..probably join her for lunch or something like that ba..

Well..actually was nt really planning to eat with them la..juz tot have having a company while studying in sch ma..but instead of studying..i ended up chit chatting with them and having a hell lot of fun instead of actually studying..EXPECTED ~! =P

Just as we were having lots of fun..I suddenly remembered my camera in the bag so I decided to take it out to snap some nice photos for my blog..well..I was really enthusiastic abt shooting some real nice photos then but Michelle & peixin thinks that esp the flash frm my camera is making the cam look too outdated le..well..its a free gift ma..what can u expect rite? haha

So, despite how much I persuaded them to let me take some pic of them they refused..but after much of my persistent harrassment Michelle finally relented and posed for my cam..yeah~! haha

Thx Michelle for posing for me lei.. =P

Well..actually I took some pic of myself too..but hmm..the effect was nt realli gd as my face seems rather big la..and the expression on my face is wierd la..haha..but nevertheless..manage to pick one of the best pic i've taken of myself:

That's me..hmm...its been said that my eyes make-up is abit horrible.. (-_-")

Well..aniwae after Michelle went back to class..Peixin was also suppose to attend her accounting class..but..aiyo..the bad bad gal skip her class..haha...probably she find me more interesting then her class? (oopz..dun punch me ah, xinz)...hehe

We started yaking all the way until Michelle's breaktime and she came out to talk to us..aniwae b4 that we went to the canteen to get a drink..Peixin ended up nt drinking hers so I took hers to drink coz my noodle is too hot liao..and the poor unsuspecting Michelle took the drink to drink..guess she almoz puke the whole thing out coz she asked why the drink is so hot..and I mean chilli hot..oopz..haha..that was when I kana scold like hell for being disgusting..oops..haha

The drink with my "fiery" saliva that almoz made michelle puke..

After this before breaktime ended we went to steal some muffins..haha..guess how many was stolen? SIX! haha..we were so paise that we had to hide them under our pile of papers..until after breaktime do we dare to take them out..hmm..aniwae juz to clarify huh..I onli took 1 muffin..the rest was taken by xinz..hehe

Ah ha~! Caught you~! Hiding evidence eh? =

Our Loot...Exactly 6 of them..hehe

Awhile later the both of us seem to have become crazy and started a photo taking frenzy..moz of which are the wacky kind..haha..That was when ppl walking ard us started giving us the suspicious look..but we dun care~! Haha

Haha..what a candid shot~! =P

The 2 Pretty gals who are slacking away.. =P

Later on after we got tired things did nt become boring for us..coz the admin ppl came to do spot check..hmm..basically they have to behave like watch dogs by guarding the doors before the check is conducted..presumably to preventing "illegal" students frm escaping? Well then but on my side I tink that by doing spot check kin the middle of a lesson is very disrupting..Just as they keep saying that no student has a right to attend another class unless the reason is very valid (My friend wanted to change class coz she is working but that reason is rejected by them too..juz wondering if that's the case..what is then considered a "very valid" reason")..then they too do not have the right to juz barge in and disrupt out lesson..I mean hey..we, the rightful students of the class, are paying to attend the class to you know...duh~!

Aniwae after class met darling for dinner..the porridge and chicken chop (esp the fries) taste fantastic~! =)

Thursday, December 08, 2005
12/08/2005 10:08:00 PM
Today more clothes were added to my collections..Michelle gave me some fact they are some real nice clothes and i really do love them...Thanks gal~! =)

As for the rest of the day it was basically spent talking to to her since our morning Maths class and later on tru lunch time till she goes for her next class at 1.30..that is abt for 1 half hr~! And you think we stop there? No. haha

During her break time at 3pm she came out and we continued talking..aiyo..we juz talk abt anything under the sun..but nothing harmful thou..hehe

The chitter chatter onli ended at ard 5pluz pm when Ava finally has to go off to Orchard Road for shopping..if not..who knows how long are we gona yak untill..hehe

Well..after Ava left..I transformed into my usual dilligent student as I always has been - I started studying again..but..this did not last long as Eddy finished his work and I started to yak to him on the phone we go again~ =P

If it has not been my handphone plan having free incoming up till 7pm only..I would have yak all the way till I go hm..haha..but am afraid that my hp bill will explode to end the call by 7pm.. =P

That was when I really realy start to least I studied for a gd 1 hr rite? hehe

Aniwae by now the school is like a ghost town..wierd enough..there seems to be no night class..the school is very quite except for a few small groups of people hanging my 3 years of studying in S.I.M, I've never encountered such a situation guess that freak me out abit..haha

Cos when I left school..instead of taking a bus back I walk through a dark rd so as to get to the bus stop which has a direct bus back to $$ mahz..hehe

Juz as I was feeling kinda creepy..a cyclist rode past me...aiyo..I really scream fact if i had a weapon..sorta like a baseball bat or something i would have swing it at him liao..haha

But aniwae he was on headphone so I think he din notice that he juz scared the life outa me...phew..hehe

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
12/06/2005 11:16:00 PM
After dinner Eddy went to buy a cotton bud so as to help me apply swt..haha..but that guy applied it for me right at Raffles place..with all the people walking up and down..and I gota open my big mouth for him to apply the medicine..aiyo..paise lei..wonder if I've got cavities on my teeth anot...haha

But something rather mean abt that fella is that after putting the medicine for me..he took the cotton bud to poke at the ulcers..pain lei~! grr... =P

We walked to Singapore River for a stroll..this time it was a different experience coz we reach there at a time where the sun was about to set..we've never been there at this time of the day b4 as always by the time we reach there the sun has already this time round it was truly a beautiful view..and what's best is other than the place where we always sit to admire the view..we found another better place to sit where not onli we can better admire the sunset but also can see the clouds moving a sight~! =)

After that walk to City Hall we were walking..darling offered to carry me on his back coz I keep complaining abt how painful my feet were..aiyo..and before I could say anything he was swinging me abt on his back..arrgghhh~! it was rather painful as my ribcage was pressing on his bag..but fun thou..haha

The funny part was not only was I hysterical and screaming away on his shoes started falling off 1 by 1..haha..and darling tot is onli 1 shoes that has fallen but neither he knew that both have fallen off..and they are a good 1 metre away frm each other...aiyo...what a sight..wonder will other onlookers tink that we juz escape frm the asylum? haha

Monday, December 05, 2005
12/05/2005 10:46:00 PM
Spent the day basically studying..wasn't feeling too din have much appetite ba..and what's worse..although the 1st part of today's lecture is understandable..but towards the later part of the lesson...everything became blur..was so lethargic throughout the whole session that I kept falling asleep in the class..juz that I din fall off the chair while sleeping only..haha mouth seems to be rotting~! =O

The blisters are everywhere - on my tongue & the top of my speaking with a bit of slur and short tongue..will I lose my speech?? And worse still my beautiful voice cannot be heard as loud as clear as I want to liao lei..coz I've nw gota laf and tok more demurely so as not to cause pain to those blisters due to abrasion with my teeth...cant even enjoy food the way I always do le..sobx.

Well..luckily the day before Eddy gave me 1 whole lot of snacks for me to hide away in my room in case I can eat when I am hungry late at I brought an Uncle Toby's snack bar to school..and that was practically what I could eat without much pain..but the usual ever-hungry me wants and craves to eat the dumpling hor fun soup frm my school canteen~! Tried real hard trying to convince myself not to buy it by justifying that even if I bought I could not eat much it b a waste of money..but in the end I succumb to my craving (duh!)...hehe

Hmm… what all could had lots trouble eating the food and in the end had to throw it away after battling to put the hot, delicious hor fun in my bruised mouth..haha

But despite all the pain..there is one activity that I will not miss for the world and that is to meet darling for dinner..and somemore the other pull factor to go meet him despite me having sore toes due to the new shoes I was wearing is to eat my fav curry at Amara Hotel..yummz~! hehe

That is something worth waiting for today was yet another round of curry from Amara Hotel...yummz...thou was rather hungry (at least I tot I shd be..esp at the mention of my fav food lei..)..but really..not much appetite and cant eat much oso..sob..think when darling saw me eat till so cham oso will heartache ah..rite? or I thinking too much? Haha

After eating we went to have a stroll along Singapore River..hmm..its quite a regular routine that we did almoz at least once a month ever since we started dating..haha..but despite so..every experience is a nice and romantic one..haha

Sunday, December 04, 2005
12/04/2005 10:55:00 AM
Its been a rather long weekend this week..many things happened..which makes my world not as colourful anymore..but well..guess its darling who was ard me once again that made all these seem better than it shd have been..I suppose I am a rather simple gal..All I want is for someone to be there for me when I needed..not only it applies to my partner..but also my friends..and this I should feel fortunate that I have those..Thanks to those who have been with me when I needed them...

Just like in one of the encouragement that Eddy has quoted from me from the song "Wild Horses" sung by Alicia Keys:
I watched you suffer, a dull, aching pain
Now you decided to show me the same
No sweeping exits or off-stage lines
Can make me feel bitter, or treat you unkind...
This is a truely touching statement that I suppose all who need someone to say some kind words to them when their life seems to have hit rock bottom..I wish to present to my friends & my loved ones who were there for me when I needed them most...

Aniwae..enuf of the emotional stuff that brings the mood of everyone else down..haha

Now for the interesting part..something that I have discovered over the weekend..haha

And that is I finally know how to mop the floor properly case you don't know..I've nv been an expert in mopping the floor all my life..always being accused of drawing BIG words on the floor & leaving puddles of water on the floor instead of mopping it squeaky clean..haha

But today..the new Ah-Xia has finally been enlighted & knows the art of mopping 1 said so la..but aniwae well..hehe...ahem..presenting to all..the MOPPING EXPERT~! haha

Another big discovery I made was that I finally figured out how to create archive for my blog liao..aiyo..totally a dream come true..ain't I just so smart? Well..I think I am lei..coz its totally true my trial & error after so long lei...give me some credit mahz..haha

Aniwae look out for the updates on the "Links" and "Bio" section..I've added some stuff to it le...Feel free to take a look at it and comment wor..thx~! =)

I hope life gets better from here..but well..thou somewhere deep in my heart..I know its juz not gona be this way for as long as I live..but nevertheless..I will juz live life as happy as possible until the next "calamity" befalls..Coz life's too juz too short for you to be sulking all the way la...and also...everyday sad sad oso not pretty can like this torture myself rite? =)

Thursday, December 01, 2005
12/01/2005 10:49:00 PM
Yipee~! Its our 3 months anniversary! Hmm..its been really tough for the both of us..many a times our r/s was on the verge on ending..probably you could say that its unstable yet ba...

Aniwae am glad that we can get by this 3 months..Guess I juz have to keep my fingers crossed as to whether our r/s will be a smooth saliling one from then on..but one thing I can know for sure..and that is the obstacles between each other have lessen one by one..which is definitely a gd sign? =)

Aniwae after school today rush off to meet darling at Clementi MRT station..well..was once again presented with a pleasant surprise by him..Darling bought a bouquet of flower and my fav walnut choc like xing fu de xiao nu ren lahz..but hope that darlingz dun spend too much on such material things ba..wats impt is what ur heart thinkz & feels for me ba.. =)

After munching the delicious food, we made our way to Orchard Road..actually wanted to watch movie de but there aint any good movie that catch my attn in the end we decided to settle for food...before we ate pepper lunch..started out with Taco Bell..the poor boy serving us was rather flustered..well..deep in my heart was thing "Hello ah boi, we weren't even rushing you to serve us our order..y were you so flusttered that you forgot to take out our $5 change from the register before closing it?" (-_-")

Well...aniwae darling was gracious to that poor boy lahz..juz told him that it was ok for him to wait till he serve the next customer before he could open the cash register drawer to return us our change..that is so kind of u...I am so proud of him as in the past when I juz know him..he would talk sternly and even at times scold those with poor service attitude..but today...he is a totally changed - to a more gracious guy... *droolz* =P~~~~

Anyway munch our Taco meal out side Lido & started out on a rather important yet sensitive topic...& that is religion...hmm..a rather sticky topic with differing views frm us he is a christian & I'm a rather so-called "free-thinker"..haha

Went to eat Pepper Lunch after eating..wa..sometimes I wonder if the both of us are pigs or what..can start eating rite after another meal..hoho..but we are...yippee!

I ordered a salmon set while darling order a beef set..wa..such a big serving..luckily we've got all the time to finish it lei..while talking about anything under the sun over the sizzling plate, of course..haha

Went to walk around & went to an Art DIY alot of things in there...I juz love being in such enables me to fantacize & imagine what I could do with all this you have notice..I have not used the word "plan" instead I use "fantasize" & "imagine". This is for the perfectly obvious reason - I am an ART IDIOT! haha

This anniversary date is a very enjoyable one & I hope to have more of such anniversaries..I really hope that my little wish will come true one day...