Beautiful Girls

Saturday, November 18, 2006
11/18/2006 09:59:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Its been awhile since I've worked this company. On the whole its been a rather good experience - being to work overseas and all. This jobs requires me to fly overseas to work at least once a month. When I was working on my previous project I thought I've had quite enough and am sick of flying but then I realise that what cause me to think this way is because of the people around me.

The main person who made me think this way is probably that particular senior in my company. Lets give him a name "

He is one who has the wierdest and most detestful temper and character that I've ever met.

He will treat u like a princess when he is in the mood to. And before you know it he will be moody and frown, scowl and grumble as if the whole world owes him a living.

I hate working with this kind of person.

I really can't understand why a guy would have such a PMS-ish character. I thought its only the girls who will have his kind of character? =S

Well, probably this is why I had a fierce fight with him the other time despite him being 2 ranks higher than me in the office. P.S. During that time there was the managers around too..

But now that I am on another project, I seem to enjoy it more. In the sense that I get along rather well with my colleagues. This is as compared to when I am in J's team I thought that I have become an unsociable person who is very quarrelsome. But now I know the reason for me thinking so. Its J. Grrrr~!

Anyway back to the main topic. Probably its winter time...cold cold. The average day time temp is a cooling 16 degrees and at night its around 10 degrees. Just the temp for my brain to be a happy and frolicking tikuz... =P

That's why I find that its a great time to be here working... =)

Work progress has also been smooth. I find that I am able to understand my job scope and what I've to do as compared to few months ago when I first join the company. This made me more confident of myself and things happening around me.

My life seems to be in control once again. Looking back on last year when I was with him and living life that is comparable to hell; with my life being turned upside down, I can't help but feel so very proud of myself that I've actually lived through it all. =)

But of coz its not all my own effort. This happens partly with the loveeee and support by darling
*tikuz nose*... =)

Guess I'll be back in S'pore sooner than plan.

Looking forward to it.... =)