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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
11/30/2005 11:27:00 PM
Went through Maths class basically talking to Ava the whole time..aiyo..end up dun understand moz of the things taught..haha..But wierd enuf..I dun feel much guilt..probably the topic that we talk abt was more interesting than what the lecturer was rattling abt? haha

Aniwae went to accompanied darling to the doc today. Actually was juz suppose to mit him after his work to collect some stuff before I go home. But well, change of plan, coz he is leaving early to c the doc. Imagine of a scale of 10, his pain level is 8! Well, then here I was packing up and leaving school to accompany him. Sweet aint I? haha

Think he got a sprained back muscle or something of that sort. Poor boy, cant even stand up straight..Hope that he will recover real soon...

Aniwae it will be our 3rd mth together tml le, in fact its in ard half an hr more before the clock strike midnite...really looking forward to it.. =)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
11/29/2005 10:19:00 PM
Went to school today knowing what I should do. In fact was quite proud that I actually did what I intially planned to do. That is to sit through the class alone - without them. Coz I know this time I can bow down to them at the expense of my pride. They are not worth my doing so. Well, it may seem pathetic that I am sitting there alone attending class but to me I've gain more than what it seems - I am able to better comprehend what the lecturer says & take down notes. They are simply not worth my getting upset with, just as what Ava has told me.

Anyway I think my eyes dept really gone for holiday liao..coz my eyes giving me prob ah..its a bit fact its affecting my eyesight abit lei..think I going blind liao..sobz~
But in any case no way am I gona wear specs out in the streets much less to school..I'd rather die man...look so nerdy to face the world?!

Met darling for dinner near my house. Ate our favourite hot plate tou fu. Gosh it really taste n smells heavenly esp when its hot...But the bad thing is that we seem to have over-ordered la..haiz..make me eat till my pants gona burst liao lei.. =S

Aniwae..juz as we have initially agreed, we are now meeting lesser so that we can both do our own things & also have more time to rest. Esp darling who usually has to reach hm quite late if he meets up with me. Quite taxing on him ba?

Anyway this is one kind of life I've still gota get use to..and I hope I am able to get use to quite soon..

Monday, November 28, 2005
11/28/2005 10:30:00 PM
Yippee~! 26 days more to x'mas! One of my favourite season..lots of planning to do - all the things to do & all the x'mas shopping thou my budget is rather low lahz~ hohoho!

Hmm..hope I don't become bankrupt by the end of x'mas ah..haha

Aniwae for those who are mum juz went for a simple knee surgery..actually this surgery was not needed as the xray was a mistake...walao..all that happen at the operating theatre was that the doc open up mum's knee and stich it back as they realise that there isn;t anything that they can everything was not as shown in the xray result...walao..such negligence...wonder if we can get some form of compensation or not lei..$$$ =P

Anyway thanks all for your concern for my mum..esp Wee hong who specially left a comment on my tagboard...thanks buddy~! =)

Anyway today was a rather busy day although I was feeling real tired today...keep falling asleep on in class..not as if I can'nt understand what the lecturer says lahz..juz that the eyes dept on holiday lahz...haha

Hmm..still lots to complete - need to go rush my piling assignments if not very soon I will become prata prawn liao..haha

Anyway few days ago did a personality test, the results are as follows:
Season = Autumn
You're Most Like The Season Autumn ...

You're warm, and the most approachable. You have that gentle prescence about you. People can
relate to you, and find you easy company. However it's likely you've been hurt in the
past and it has left you scarred so things can become rather chilly with you at times. Being
the third Season in, you're mature, trustworthy and loyal to your friends but prone to
depression and negative thinking.
You're the shy and sensitive season.

What ya guys think? True ma? Feel free to comment ah..Thankz~hehe

You can also try the quiz yourself to know more about urself:
Which Season are You?

Till then, take carez to all out there~ =)

Saturday, November 26, 2005
11/26/2005 11:58:00 PM
The day started out with full of activities again..duno why..lately I've been getting rather busy..with lots of things waiting for me to do..Probably after becoming 21 years old..I've finally realize that I've got to do things & take steps so as to ensure that I can live life to the fullest? I finally realize that no matter how much i wallow in self-pity the world will no longer treat me like a baby & protect me like one..I am finally entering into the real world...

Anyway started the day doing up my nails and getting ready for an info tak at the CPA house..its really sweet of darling to accompany me fact he was the one who inititated that I should go for this talk & even offered to sit through it with me..thou it has nothing to do with his current profession...After the talk he even went down to the admissions office & comb for more phamplets containing more info on the courses offered...

After the whole incident went to IMM to walk..had a small hiccup there..anyway..hiccups between us is more often than I ever wanted...but eventually "patch back"..went to Daiso to shop..that is one of the more amazing stores I see ard..everything in that shop goes at $2~! Went there grab a few items too - can drinks, titbits & even GP battery~! (^o^)

After what seems like eternity Peixin finally arrive to mit up with me, Eddy & Wee Hong..Well..cant blame her la...something crop up at home for her...luckily before that went KFC eat with Eddy if not "a hungry prawn is an angry prawn" lei... =P

The birthday gal, Ms Gek Zhi Xiao Jie was very pretty tonite la..except for her usual "slimness"'s my birthday wish for u gal..BECOME FATTER k? Then I won't look so fat beside u mahz..give some face lahz.... (-_-")

Today I've finally come to realise that I ain't really such a nice and easy person to get along with. The more people know & love me the more tears they will shed & and more hurt they will get. I need to protect the people I love, I cant hurt then anymore by making them love me more. Probably I am really not a social oriented person as I've tot I was. Probably in the 1st place worldly relationships out there is not my forte at all.

Friday, November 25, 2005
11/25/2005 11:26:00 PM
Spent the whole day at home studying & trying to complete alot...luckily the progress was not too bad..

Went to the hospital to visit mum again..She's much better le..yippeee~!

Eddy came to the hospital to visit mum again..buying satay for us from Lau Pa Sat despite him having abit of difficulty in walking...Its really sweet of him...& moz importantly am really happy that he can finally fit into the shirt that he could not last mth..hard work pays I guess? Now he is much slimmer & fitter now..way to go..My darling is looking better n better looking each day...

Thursday, November 24, 2005
11/24/2005 11:48:00 PM
What a rushed day today..was late for school..aiyo...still tot the class test was in the later part of the lesson..but..pengz lei...kana deprive of some precious minutes for the test..sadz..Did the test still tot I will be able to do reasonably well least not gona get a duck egg back ma..but alas..the nitemare still befalls...coz after lesson the lecturer posted the answer..and..aAAhhh!! Not one answer was same as his..sobz~..another wasted effort of mine..kill ma bahz~ =P

Well...class went as usual after break time...din understand moz of it as usual..haha..instead of absorbing or rather remembering the relevant stuff..I think I only managed to get into my head his crappy jokes..haha

Just like this qian bian wen da ti..
How do you kill a chicken?
Answer: Tear out itts feathers when it is alive & throw it into the streets..& it will DIE of shame!! =P

Well what I can is that today is a rather hectic day for me as after clas I had to rush home to get some stuff before visiting mum in the hospital..but in any case..glad that mum is doing fine~GET WELL SOON mum!! =)

Hmm..but what's sweet is darlingz actually make time despite being so busy from work to visit mum with me..what makes me even more delighted is that he actually kept to his promise to talk to my mum whenever he has the chance...& he did it yest..although the road ahead of us is not fr us to know yet..but at least things are going rather smoothly still? so I got to keep my fingers crossed..hehe

He brought polar puffs to the hospital fav puff..well mum din eat so brought hm & intend to eat for breakfast.. =P~~~

* Hoping that mum will get well soon..coz I wana go shopping for NEW shoes..they are falling apart soon~!* =S

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
11/22/2005 10:26:00 PM
Away with all that is out to humiliate
Away with all that is out with no regard for others feelings
Cos I need none of you

Every word spoken without thought for others
Speaking for each other
Sticking to each other
Making me invicible
Sickens me thru & thru

Is this what you call friends?
For you to mock at?
Please, give me a break

Call me petty
Call me wierd
For all I care
But I've got enough
Friends aint that way at all
Total no respect for others

Now I am protesting
Get away from me
Cos I am not here for you to make fun

In simple word, Back off!

Monday, November 21, 2005
11/21/2005 10:30:00 PM
At 12.00PM

A dreamy morning on the whole...cooling..makes me want to sleep the whole day..but..sobx..have got tonnes of work to do so have to forgo my date with dreamland fairies.. =P

Well..spent most of my morning rushing my assignments & meddling with my blog...was basically multi-tasking...coz gota leave the house so as to find a place with lesser temptations so that I can study better, say Esplanade Library? Lau Pa Sat? hehe

Amongst all, what make me the most delighted & brighten up my day was that I FINALLY manage to find the song I want for my blog..yipee~! =)

Oh..btw below are some pics for those whom I missed out for my bdae party..

At 10.00 PM

Met darlingz after his work & made our way to my fav place for dinner. Amara Hotel!! The curry there is fabu-licious~! yummz~! You all out there should try it esp their curry chicken..makes me droolz juz by talking abt it lei..hehe

Aniwae during lunch time he also paid me a visit at lau Pa sat..brought me some delicious walnut cake & muffins? So swt..hehe

One thing I muz say is that darlingz seem fitter after the kayaking trip..tanner too lei...droolz..kip up the good work worz~! Maoz~ =P

Friday, November 18, 2005
11/18/2005 12:21:00 PM
Went to National Library at Bugis to study today. Gosh of all the libraries I've been to study, this is one of the worst one after AMK library. The place is full of noisy & running children. Where are the librarians? Are they dead or blind? Can't they see what a nuisance these kids are? And where are the parents of these children? Why cant they do something abt their pesky kids? Grrr....

Its so irritating. Every minute there will be one of them racing & stomping across the library floor. Isn't a library a conducive place the do some self-study? With all these nuisance here, how can ppl concentrate of their train of thoughts? haiz~

Well, anyway what's more shocking is that not only are the children irritating, even the adults are too. Some of them are so inconsiderate that they just cant be bothered to switch their handphones to silent mode & even have the guts to talk loudly as if its nobody's business to be a "loudspeaker" here..grrr...

Later in the day, met Eddy, Peixin & Eric for dinner at a vegetarian pasta restaurant. Wa..din book seats lei..end up we have to wait half hr for it...late dinner lei...gona get fat liao la..sobz~!

Actually din wan to wait for the seats de...but then seeing the picture of the food & the crowd inside decided to wait...hope the wait is worth it..if nt juz as I have told Eric..I will pour the plate of pasta on him liao..hehe

While waiting some matters cropped up...glad that peixin was ard to hear me..Thx ger..I am glad that you were there for me last nite..if nt..haiz~!

Aniwae when the seats finally came, we went to place our orders..I ordered chicken baked rice, Eric & Eddy each ordered bacon baked rice while Peixin ordered spaghetti...hmm..the food turns out to be better than I least they dun taste vegetarian to me lei..yummz~! hehe

Lucki for me I had Eddy eating part of the baked rice for I wasn't that filled up that day..but hmmm...worried that it will cause him to be bloated la..OoopZ~

Well the dinner ended with a couple of "qian bian wen da ti"..aiyo..that Peixin hor..guess correctly moz of the fun ask her de...nxt time dun ask her le...sianz..hehe

On the whole other that the slight hiccups that happen, the nite was a fun one..Hope to have more of such outings real soon~! =)

Sunday, November 13, 2005
11/13/2005 11:31:00 PM
Super pissed off next-door-neightbour is totally disgusting~! grrr....

Ever since they moved in few yrs back there was no more peace..

1st its their dam dog barking rite in the wee hrs in the morning...2am! kaoz...are they deaf or wat...somemore still dun see their prob & accuse us of being fussy..plz lohz...

Then its their constant weekend ktv sessions at hm..blasting their sound system like as if they are really in a ktv lounge...walao..plz la..dun be so cheap skate lo...wan to sing at the top of ur screeching voice izit then go to a REAL ktv lounge lah..& not as your singing is like super star plz stop trying so hard to sing like them..makes me puke!

Then next is their potted plants..walao...that piece of shit next door everyday juz do nothing but meddle with his cursed plants..shifting more & more out - blocking out passage way...wish someday when I finnaly move house the movers will break those dumb pots of his...kaoz~

he & his disgusting face..wish one day someone will juz teach him a lesson for being so chauvanistic & gangster like...cant stand his face actually...The thought of him makes me fume & puke...grrr...

Well aniwae enough of this dumb people next door...

Cos later in the day met Eddy for badminton...well then game was great...its been a long time since I had a good rally with someone...darlingz you are quite good at the game lahz...hope we can play again the next time...good to sweat out the FATS oso lehz..hehe =)

Saturday, November 12, 2005
11/12/2005 10:46:00 PM
Went jogging with Eddy at Yishun Gym. This is the 1st time in my life I've been in that gym & also going with someone other than my family to exercise lei..hehe

An interesting & fun experience for me...

Well, basically we started out with the treadmill...I jog for 20 min w/o much effort..but poor darlingz is having a bit of prob as maybe he isn't such a seasoned jogger yet? After that we went to try out the other exercise machines & did some toning with it..Well aniwae all went well, but silly me went to stop his treadmill abruptly causing darlingz knee to hurt after tt..oopz...sorry darling..dun mean to do it lehz.. =P

Aniwae after jog went for dinner at Causeway Pt before going hm..Nothing much interesting..hehe

Late in the nite as darlingz has to run some errands & has to end up driving late at nite...I stayed up to make sure that he was safely wait was so very very loOOong ah..hehe

Waited till 3am before he reach hm. hmm..wonder where I got so much stamina frm, in fact when I was studying I din hv so much "stamina" 11pm I was already crawling on the floor hoping that there will be a blackout in the house soon so that I can call it a day lei..hehe

And what's more amazing was that I even pei darlingz talk online till 4am before sleeping...Steady rite? I tot so too..hehe

Friday, November 11, 2005
11/11/2005 10:13:00 PM
Met darling..& watch Chicken Little on his laptop..well..he got it frmthe net..which means that we are probably one of the 1st to watch tt movie..oopz..piracy..hehe

But well..probably for those who are dying to watch it..they would be envious..but then again...dun be too envious till you bash me worz~! bleahz~! =P

Well..the show thou abit kiddish but then I like the way the characters behave in the cute...pluz the graphic is nt bad its realli a movie worth watching..outa 10 i grade it 8.. =)

After that I went to Esplanade library to study while Eddy is at work. Well, generally the library is good as it was least during the first few hours when I was there. But 1 bad thing was that the toilet is so far away - its downstairs! (-o-)

Gota walk so faraway lei..sobx..

But what actually piss me off abit was that occassionally there will be inconsiderate people making a nuisance of themselves inthe library..grrrr...They will be talking loudly as if its nobody's business...

Gosh..can't they c the sign that is posted everywhere in the libarry telling people to talk softly at all times? And what's even more irritating was that during my last few hours in the library there sat in front of me was a couple..totally inconsiderate..instead of juz keeping their noses in the books that they have brought along they juz busied with each other oblivious to my irritated stares..juz how inconsiderate some ppl can get...

Well..aniwae guess me complain too much but this is really a problem in almoz every library I went too..can't anyone do something abt it?! grrr....haiz~!

Thursday, November 10, 2005
11/10/2005 10:30:00 PM
Met Peixin after class & that was when she invited me to go to her house to eat steamboat. Well, being her mum's loyal foodie fan I of coz could nt resist the temptation..its TOM-YUM soup base lei... =P~~~

But being the usual "shy" & "demure" gal, I was not sure if I should impose myself on them & go uninvited ma...but anyway me & Peixin finally thought of a good excuse to go to her house..hehe

That is to say that I was only going to her house to pick up some fashion magazines. Wow, how ingenius we can be? hehe

Well, much as Peixin has expected things went on as planned & I manage to get myself invited to sit with her family for a sumptuous steamboat dinner...yupz..the food was nice, esp the meat, veg & of coz the soup...droolz..hehe

The family, including Peixin was very hospitable making sure that I was comfortable & help myself to the gd host they are..hehe

Aniwae thx once again for inviting me over. And call me "yao gui" if you wan but I am indeed looking forward to more of such meals lei..droolz...hehe

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
11/09/2005 07:37:00 PM
After class today went Plaza Singapura with Peixin. Wanted to get Gek Zhi's b'dae present. To reach there we took bus 61 to Bukit Batok MRT so as to accompany Michelle. Ain't we good friends? hehe

Aniwae on our journey there, Michelle was practically driven mad by me. Coz I keep irritating her? =P

Well actually from my point of view it aint much of an irritation mahz..its juz a way of getting together mahz. Like there was one time when we were standing in one corner of the MRT, she claimed that I corner, making her feel hot..then also the way i talk to Peixin..she say she hear liao wan to pengz. Hmm..wonder what I did to get on her nerve...I am inncent ya c... *Looks innocently at the crowd* =P

Anyway by the time we reach we reach PS we are like hungry wolves...well..I don't know about Peixin..but I can pratically swallow a king kong..hehe

We settled for pastamania...Its the 2nd time I am eating it (the 1st time was with darling)..tried out the Baked really taste great (now as I am typing I am beginning to feel hungry all over again.. =P~~~). But the only problem is that the serving seems quite alot for me. Imagine if ME, the ever hungry & gal with the much famous "bottom-less pit appetite" can say so, then this muz be so. In fact, after lunch I was practically burping cheese the whole day...eww... *burpz* =)

After lunch went to walk around in Plaza Singapura but as there isn't anything much to get, we walked to Orchard Rd (also to walk down the fats..hehe). After much walking till my legs wana break..finally reach Far East. Quite a number of things to buy there. We manage the get our present there. There are also quite a number of shops selling rather nice shoes...but hmm..its either my feet look too "stuffed" in them or they are priced at such horrendous in the end still din get my much wanted new pair of shoes...sobz.. =P

Another thing that makes me find Far East an attractive place for me to do shopping is that there is a shop that sells very nice earring of all types of design..juz choosing a few pairs can make me dizzy with glee as there is really ALOT of them to choose from...droolz..hehe

Well..on the whole the day was spent fruitfully..its really been a long time since I last shop..& it juz bring that little bit of happiness in me..of coz minus how tired it has caused my poor legs to be (could it be my old liao, that is why cant tahan the "pain" resulted from shopping? @O@)...hehe

Sunday, November 06, 2005
11/06/2005 10:29:00 PM
Wow...finally..the big day has come..I am finally 21 years old today!! yippee~! hehe

Woke up very early today to doll myself up...hmm..actually peixin was supposed to come to my house earlier to help me make up de..but...hehe...the poor gal overslept as she reach hm wat to do..the poor birthday gal has to do her own make up lo..but..hmm..the effect was nt too bad lahz..hehe

Reached Khatib station to meet peixin, Wee Hong, Kenneth, Anqi & Eddy...What was to come was truely a nice feeling...coz not only was I presented with my presents, I also received a big bunch of 12 roses from swt..& juz as he has expected I was truely happy with the big surprise.. =)

Well..we made our way to City Hall MRT station to meet the rest of those who were invited for my celebration. During the ride there, it was as if I was having my own mini party in the train..coz the whole time I was moving around alot in the cabin & talking to each small groups of ppl..hmm...& one of the proudest thing was that I caught a glimpse of a lady in the train looking enviously at the roses..well tell me I am imagining things coz I am too overwhelm by my good fortune..bleahx! hehe

On reaching City Hall MRT, we waited for awhile before making our way the the place - The Rice Table Restaurant.

The ambience of the restaurant (esp the lighting) is good, at least it suits my taste..give it a rather classy feeling. The food was nice too. While waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, I had a jolly good time entertainig the guests. As it is my first time having to host such a "big" party..I think my performance was rather ok...I grade myself 8/10? hehe

Anyway moved from table to table talking to the guests making as much as possible not to neglect anyone (or did I)? =P

But as I was too busy entertaining, I din have time to sit down, much less to have a taste of the delicious food served. But well, its ok I long as the guests are happy...thou towards the evening I was totally famished.. @_@

Took lots of photos (will upload it as soon as I have received them from some pretty aunties) & when it was time to cut the cake..the ever helpful stuff of Rice Table displayed their good service attitude by not only clearing the table of the dishes but also brought out paper plates w/o even me asking....what impressive service they have & I am totally grateful for their kind gestures..cheers! =)

After lunch went to walk around & finally settled for a KTV session in Party World (Orchard). The group consist of Eddy, Anqi, Peixin, Gekzhi & of coz ME, this impt person of the day lahz.. =P

The whole session was fun. Sang quite a number of songs regardless of whether its low pitch or high pitch. I guess the happiest was me? Coz I get to screech (oopz..wrong word..shd be go high pitch) for the more "challenging" one point when my voice box was "screeching" to it hearts' content..the gang could'nt stand it anymore & switch the song when I was only halfway done with my song...

Well, that is not the moz exciting part yet..coz for the past 21 yrs of b'dae...for the 1st time a cake was smashed on my face..wat a waste..its a moose cake lei...still was so glad when I saw the cake when they sang the b'dae sng to me..thought my stomach could have a gd treat on this special say liao..but..hmm...sobx... =P

After the singing session it was finally time to go home..darling carried the presents home for me & help me open swt..hehe

A whole lot of presents I've received this year..make me so happy..Thankz everyone who was there that day..Hope you enjoyed the party..hehe

AS for me..I am totally delighted with how things turn out coz for once..this is one birthday where I got the moz ppl celebrating it for me & receiving the moz presents..Probably this year I am happier during my b'dae as compared to x'mas? hehe

Saturday, November 05, 2005
11/05/2005 10:52:00 PM
Wow...finally after many trial and error, sweat, blood & tears (& believe me..its really some hard work..), I've finally created a beautiful blog on my own...In fact on the closure of my friendster blog which is rather dull..i present to the world a brand new and definitely more colourful blog...

Do visit it sometimes for updates of what "michieves" I am up to lately...

And if you can, try to tag on my board & comment on ur views...whatever they are..Thanks! =)

11/05/2005 10:51:00 PM

Went to East Coast Park with darling, Peixin and her friend, Eric to cycle. Well, initially it was abit awkward as me & darling didn't know about Eric. But the cycling seems to bring us closer (I guess..hehe).

There were lots of people in the park..quite a number of inconsiderate people that could have caused an accident..& of course..not missing out the hysterical children running around..hehe

Well cycling in a crowded park is definitely a not fun activity as people are just so irritating that you wish u could run over them with the bicycle..hehe..but at least 1 thing I can console myself is that there are lots of things to see in a crowded ECP..and that includes not only nice dogs..but also shapely guys & gals...droolz..upon typing this thought of mine I began to wonder if one would start to think that I am putting dog, hunks & babes on the same platform to describe..ain’t that the case, people? hehe

Well actually wanted to cycle from ECP to Bedok park de..but hmm..could it be cause of me & darling lag behind to play with dogs that cause us not to be able to complete our journey or could it be because we were cycling too slow ah? hehe

Well then after the cycle walk to parkway parade to eat..woo hoo..was the hokkien mee nice..hehe..but oso bit expensive lei..hehe

Well, actually took a lot of pictures at the beach before returning the bicycle..but hmm..still waiting for some pretty gal to upload to me before I can post it here..hehe..till then..juz keep waiting..lalala..hehe