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Saturday, May 20, 2006
5/20/2006 10:04:00 PM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

It's been a week since I've blogged, and now i'm back from army again!

Since tuesday I was having my field camp till friday in a rubber plantation on the army training island Pulau Tekong. Starting up the field camp was a 6km route march with around 15kg of equipments on my back which was quite tiring.

The field camp was much different from life in the bunks. When I was in the field camp, I started to miss the simple comforts like bed, and even the toilet bowl! That is because there is now flush system in the field camp so shit holes were dug up & after finishing we use our entrenching tool to cover soil up on it.

As for me, my bowels were offically shut down during the field camp as I didn't even feel the urge to do my business. Probably because of the shit hole? Peeing was done next to the field toilet where we pee on an area on the open grass.. =S

The rest of the field camp were spent sleeping in our 2-men bashas, having outfield lessons on combat movements & firing blanks which was the highlight of this field camp.

I went around asking for more blanks as I was only issued 25 but in the end I fired 150 rounds out of my rifle. That was some real fun out there until I started cleaning my rifle on the last day. =S

Today darling was so sweet to meet me at pasir ris when I booked out & we had breakfast together. She bought our favorite food, you tiao,spring roll & butterfly! Later it was my turn - bring her for movies~!

Over the Hedge!!! We've long waited for this movie & we watched it at Great World City in an OmniMax theatre. Lucky for us, we got the last 2 seats which were seated together. The movie was great...!

Well as for the rest of the time there I guess y'all can refer to my darling's post!

Came across this strange article on The Straits Times, Sat May 20 2006 on Pg 37:

Bark Away - Article from

The world's first internet radio station for dogs as been launched in Thailand. will broadcast non-stop instrumental music, interspersed with a few announcements.

Station Owner Anupan Boonchuen knows what he wants - the only DJs likely to be hired "must be good in barking because dogs are our listeners", he says.

Yet the station is still unsure on one point: How will it cope with feedback from it's audience?

Another thought on my mind..

As reported in newspapers there have been more murders in Singapore, mostly due to reason of money, so here's an extract from my assignment in university while reading Plato's Republic:

"Love of money in this society, brings about degradation of consciousness, and corruption. As guilty people they spend their monies on pleasures in secret, dodging the law at every single opportunity. This brings about a immoral society of "infidels" who are cunning and sly."

Till my blog next week.... Take care guys!

5/20/2006 09:07:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Went to watch Over The Hedge today at Great World City with darling today. Its my 1st time there & I was impressed with the so-called reception area where the tickets are purchased. It looks so grand. But the only thing that turn me off is that the place is so very crowded. Gosh, I thought it was 3rd world war or there freebies being given away.

The grand decoration. Love it.. =)

But I must say that it is worth making an effort there to watch movie (the place is so out of the way - nowhere near any MRT station).

The movie is great too. I love all the characters esp Hammy. Aiyo, he's so cute. Ever so active & all. And the way they try to take food from the human was so hilarious. So, not only it is a great movie for the kids, it is also entertaining enough for the adults. Well, ok. I mean the adults who are still young at heart.. =P

Hmm..not a very complimenting photo of myself. But at least the poster is nice.. =P

The characters of the cartoon...

Saw this amazing tank filled with gigantic fishes inside a chinese restaurant. Can't help but take a picture of it. Woah~! =S

After the movie, we went to explore the place. Hmm..didn't really have the mood to shop around / buy things. Don't know what's wrong with me. In the past when I was younger & with my regular shopping khaki I would jump at any chance to shop. But not anymore. Could it be because I have become older?

But one thing I know for sure, its not because I've become poorer. Wonder if this is a common symptom as one gets older? =S

After much begging persuasion, he finally convinced me to eat ice-cream. So we went to try out Ben & Jerry's. Wah~! Its my 1st time there & the ice-cream is hell of an expensive~! =S

Imagine paying $5.50 for an ice-cream~! I could get some delicious ice-cream from the "pa-pu-pa-pu" man on the rickety bike downstair of my block at $1~! =O

The very "expensive" ice-cream...

Close-up shot...


Saw this pose by darling which is quite a "killer" so I decided to capture it~! Oh, bless whoever who invented the camera~! Haha =P

Its really an indulgence day for me today. Not only have we gone to try expensive ice-cream, we also went to buy a piece of cake from Sweet Secrets~! =S

Love the design of the box~! Looks like newspaper.. =P

Looks delicious enough right? Name of the cake is CONCORDE...

After which we went to eat more food at the food court. Darling seems to enjoy her korean set. But as for me, well, the beef noodle sux big time. Never have I eaten such horrible beef that is so tough, I can't swallow it after taking great effort chewing it. Yuks~! =S

The ekky beef noodle.. =S

That's me TRYING hard to eat the food... =S

The korean set that looks tasty enough for darling. But not for me... =S

See...all eaten... =S

Saw this cute chicken rice signboard...

Saw this unusal thing in the supermarket...

Square watermelon?! =S

And its freaking expensive~! I'd be mad to buy it for consumption... =S

On our way back, we stop by Orchard Road. As it was the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE (I think so), it was so crowded there. So we both went to join in the fun. Went to try some clothes from Daniel Yan. Wa...thou I was the 2nd in the Q, I had to wait so long. Coz the only 2 dressing rooms they had were occupied for almost an eternity.

I was like thinking to myself: What's taking them so long to change into these clothes? Is it coz they are trying very hard to squeeze into those clothes? Or are they simply admiring themselves in the mirror & fantasizing about what occassions they are going to wear the clothes too? =S

At one moment, the uncle collecting rubbish came over to ask the changing room attendant of there is any rubbish to be thrown away from the changing rooms. And the attendant pointed at both changing rooms & said sacartically: Come back tomorrow... -_-"

This is almost like the same situation in the female toilets. It is always the female toilets where the Q is the longest & the wait is the longest. What's talking them so long? =S

Is it really that difficult to pull down their bottom to do their business? =S

But I've in fact heard sayings that when the ladies go to the toilet they will carefully lay the toilet seat with paper (sorta like doing their very own masterpiece on the seat) before sitting down to do their business. Well, if that's the case then it seems quite logical for being so long inside there.

But it seems logical in the sense, do they really have to go to such extent? =S

I am mean? I don't know also.... =S

Oops...think I've sidetrack too much... =P

Back to the main topic... =)

When it was finally my turn to try the clothes, it ended up that the clothes were too big for me. The sizes go all the way from large onwards. I know why they are sale items...

There goes my dream of owning a Daniel Yan dress. Oh well, take it that I've managed to save some $$ instead? Hehe

Actually, not quite. Coz at the end of the day I still bought a pair of slipper that I've always wanted for myself.. =P

Anyway, I don't know about other people. But when your boyfriend buy girly things for you, how would you feel?

For example this?

For me, I will feel somewhat happy in the sense that he cares for my well-being. But I am definitely not some girl who leech onto my boyfriend hoping that he pays for ALL my expenses. I've still got some backbone k? And furthermore, I don't believe in spending beyond your own budget (except for some unforseen circumstances that may befall on me)... =P

But of coz he can't be doing that for too often, if not I will be feeling like this: -_-".

Oh before I forget, for those who left a comment on the entry submitted by darling dated 12 May, he's replied to your comments. So feel free to go take a look.. =)

Friday, May 19, 2006
5/19/2006 11:01:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

They are all bloody fools~! All shitty people~!

I hate people who can't care less for people's stuff. Just because its other people they lose they heck care about it. Such irresponsible people~! This is despite you telling them how much it means to you.

They can't care less. Cos to them only things that belong to them is valuable. Others don't mean anything to them.

When others ask them for help to look for it in a VERY politely manner, they scream at back at you that ITS NOT THEIR BUSINESS. What the hell~! Never have I treated them like this, always ever willing to help when asked. Then this is what I get.

I hate it ~!

I tell you, GOOD NEVER BEGET GOOD~! Its just a shitty world out there.

When they want to borrow things from you, need you to do things for them they treat you like QUEEN. Asking ever so politely & will always get their way. But when its your turn to ask for help. You get shit attitude.


Why should I then treat them good? Why should I? Why can't I be selfish for my own good?!

You think people will appreciate when you treat them good & treat you back likewise?

Hell, no~!

They never will.

Thursday, May 18, 2006
5/18/2006 09:12:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

The prawn is pissed. Very pissed today.

When I was packing my things in my new room today, I found that something very precious to me has gone missing. Its suppose to be there. But it isn't.

My manicure set~!

My SPECIAL 16 months calender~!

I almost fainted when I came home much later & realised that they weren't in my current room either. Oh gosh, someone kill me~!

When I asked mum about them, she told me in such a relaxed manner: Oh...maybe its in one of the boxes which are being sealed up..

Me: Then can I open them just to make sure they are there?

Mum: No need lah. No need act as if its a life & death matter. Lost already also never mind ma....

Me: ?!
*Faints in exasperation*

They mean alot to me k? Coz these are one of those things darling brought back for me from his US trip. Esp the manicure set, I love it ALOT~! And the calender is so special, nowhere have I seen such yet.

Oh, god~! What am I to do now?

I think I am going to lose sleep for a few days liao...



Sadz & angry....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
5/17/2006 10:34:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Thanks to all who have either tried to give me rather constructive & mean creative ideas for the irritating neighbour that I have next door. And also not forgetting those who encourage me to study hard & try to pull through this hell. Really appreciate you guys~! =)

Anyway, yupz. Am rather immune to that idiot & his loads of rubbish le... =P

Its not as if he has stop his knocking nonsenses & all but its b/c I find him more like a moronic retard clown more than anything else now. Can you imagine everyday when you come back home from work all he would do is to sit as near to the window as possible (so that the sound as be heard as loud as possible by us) & knock with all his might. Gosh, I think I should feel pity for him lei. Haha, what a joker~! Someone tell him to GET A LIFE lei.. =P

Maybe coz he thinks that he got such a disgustingly sickly weak arms that desperately needs to be trained up? Or was it coz he's just contracted parkinson disease? Oh, what poor soul. May he burn in hell....

Maybe he should get a life. Maybe he should go get a girlfriend. But with his attitude & car-run-over face, I doubt he can in a million years maybe?.

Anyway, as I was typing this entry, there he was knocking vigorously for all his might for like 1 minute before stopping & coming back on awhile later. And with that, I am filled with glee. My "entertainment" of the night? Why don;t he entertain me THROUGHOUT the night? =p

Then some may ask, why is it, I was so work up in my last entry when he was doing exactly what he did few nights before. Knocking.

The reason is...

Cos the thought of this damn "over-the-limit" nonsense of hanging his rotten & beggar-torn cloth on the railing right outside our main door (We stay in the corner unit & they in the corridor unit) made me BOIL~! Simple as that..Grrr... =S

We wouldn't mind it if they haven't done this:

Block out passageway with a huge rack of plants, causing our passageway to the reduced by HALF~!

So can you imagine now? We being such tolerant ppl & they pushing their limit by hanging cloth right outside our door (the railing away from our door is darn empty) when we have already such little walking space (not as if we are fat ppl). Talking about respect for the neighbour & all. Rubbish~!

Anyway, am less stress for one thing (until the next nonsense comes along). Tried a little test today. The result turns out quite positive. =)

It works this way:
Look at the pictures below. If they seem to be moving very fast, it means that you are stress & vice versa.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Tell me the results if possible k? Be most interested to know.. =)

Monday, May 15, 2006
5/15/2006 11:13:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Halo~! Been quite long since I last blog. Coz am busy studying for exams. Haiz, the 1st paper is coming on in 2 weeks time~! No time, no time~! Help~! =S

Anyway, for those who left a comment on the last entry (the entry by my darling), he can only reply to that this weekend when he is back from camp. So stay tuned wor... =)

Thanks for the support you give. Coz when he just posted the article, there wasn't much comment left behind by the readers. And I was worried that maybe you guys didn't like what he wrote or found it uninteresting or simply coz you ain't familiar with him. Hate to see him disappointed... =S

But luckily, there was still some support.. =)

Anyway, the main reason why I am writing this article is coz I am damn pissed. All the way from last night till tonight. *Beware: spoiler & some vulgarities. Read at your own risk*


Coz of some asshole next door~! Arrgh~! driving me mad~! *volcano erupting*

You know, am not joking. This damn guy is driving me nuts. He is a low retard who will think of all sort of little actions to irritate you.


Sorry, don't mean to be vulgar. =S

And his latest action is to do knocking sounds throughout the night. I tell you, its so loud that I can even hear the echo.

What the hell. What's he trying to prove here. I very much want to get the police involve here. And I am very sure I can get that damn jerk in deep shit.

Then you may ask, what's stopping me?

Answer is simple. My mum. =S

She says that we should just let him be. Let him face retribution in future. Sure, I believe in retribution all right. But what about now? I am fuming to the extent that I am getting angry dreams. Who's gonna help me on that?

But don't worry. I am still sane. Just that, that shitty half-ball is so cocky that despite me calling his elder brother about the situation, that f*cking piece of shit still said thing like "says who" when he was told to stop making such nuisance noise.

What the hell~! Why don't someone or something just run over him when he crossed the road? Or why don't he just choke on food with the next bite he take? Or why don't he simply just DROP DEAD~! Sh*t~!

Am truely pissed beyond words. Anyone kind enough to offer some word of advice or some help? Anything, as long as its constructive...

Wish I know someone from the gang so that they can send 100 men to bash the guts & shit out of him....

Friday, May 12, 2006
5/12/2006 12:37:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy , blu~ tikus!

Hi everyone!! I've not blogged for a long time now as I have been away from Mainland Singapore for a few weeks now..

As you all may know from the previous few posts from my darling, I have been enlisted into the Army since 21st April 2006 with 2 years of full-time service committment till 21st April 2008.

Training in the island that all older male Singaporeans fondly know as Pulau Tekong Basic Military Training School has been very tough but also challenging. Thanks to my darling and the instructors there my physical strength and endurance has improved, in addition to some ideal weight loss with it... !

Basic Military Training includes training in the following, physical/endurance training for physical tests to be taken, weapons handling of the M16s1 rifle, grenade throwing, foot drils, field craft, and in short, it's like an elementary school of the Army.

One could feel discouraged living with people from all walks of life, or cheer up and learn from the expriences gained. As what the banner in Pulau Tekong Jetty says: "BMT- it's about not the days that you've left behind, its about what you will gain in the days ahead".

If one would have followed closely or somehow make sense of the Seven core values of the Singapore Armed Forces, he will then appreciate why he has a role to play:

1) Loyalty to Country
2) Leadership
3) Discipline
4) Professionalism
5) Fighting Spirit
6) Ethics
7) Care for soldiers

With the constant encouragement and loveeee from my darling, I am determined to make the best out of my training of 7 weeks in Basic Military Training!

Thursday, May 11, 2006
5/11/2006 08:36:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

A very "special" day today. Cos' instead of the usual cooking of lunch done by Grandma or me eating instant noodles, my sister offered to cook.

Special. Special indeed. =S

Before the "real" cooking started, my poor sis has already suffered a mishap. Just as I was studying in my room which is 1 corner of the house, I heard my sister scream.

Yupz. The usual injury incurred by amature cook. And of cos a very common situation used in movies as well as TV series.

Cutting vegetables & ending up cutting up the finger to add some special flavour to the dish. -_-"

Well, you would expect that there would be blood spurted all over the kitchen with her horrible scream. In fact, she even screamed for help & for ambulance plaster.

But, no. When I went there & passed Grandma the plaster, the poor old lady was desperately looking for the supposed gap in the finger. -_-"

Even I had trouble looking for it. Gosh..*faintz* -_-"

The "gigantic" cut that only micro organism can see.. =P

Running the wound under tap water is the right thing to do. But isn't it abit exagerrated? After all it's just a SMALL wound lei.. -_-"

Hopefully after all the bloodshed, the food will taste great. After all, my sister has paid a price for it right? =P

Chef at work. Working on a secret recipe.

Wow, washing the wok after cooking. No way I would dream myself doing such thing. I HATE washing pots & pans.. =S

After being kept out by sister cos' she locked both me & Grandma out of the kitchen, I (the house reporter) was finally let into the kitchen to take some pics of the by-product to be featured for my blog. Haha, some priviledge I have wor.. =P

Dish 1: Mince pork egg with peas...

Verdict: Salty to no end. I could smell the salt-iness just when sis was cooking it.. -_-"

Fried vergetables..

Verdict: Bland. Super healthy dish. Fried with pinch of salt, big chunks of garlic & no oil. For people who go for healthy eating, this is the dish for you.. -_-"

Soup of the day...

Verdict: Soup with loads of pepper, added with pepper corn which is not smashed (it needs to be smashed so that the flavour will go to the soup) & huge chunks of salted vegetable. I thought I was eating pig organ soup. But this soup at least is one of the best dished cooked that day. Considered the best out of the worst? =P

Ok ok, am a mean sister. But no, I actually am not. More critics calls for more improvement. Isn't this how old masters in olden TV serial treat their disciples? Haha =P

Anyway, with all the effort done. I must say that my sis sure came up with a rather reasonable meal. For display purposes only.

What do you think? =)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
5/09/2006 10:46:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Spent practically the whole day in school today. Stoned at doing my revision for the coming exams. THREE freaking weeks more. Argh~!!??

But despite so, I was still surprised that there are still people who can still sit in a group & just talk. They don't seem to be strssed that people around them are studying hard & burying their noses deep in the books. Worst still, they are making a nuisance of themselves by talking loudly & banging the table. What the h*ll~! =S

And what the hell, its really disgusting to see the girls flirting with the guys & the guys trying to act macho. In fcat, its a rather common sight in my school.. =S

Makes me wanna puke...

When I was finally on my way home, things didn't get better. Think I must be down on my luck today..

Most of you guys might think that being able to get a seat in a crowded bus is such a lucky thing. But for me, its not this way at all.

I felt sick all the way. =S


Well, the reason is very simple. The bus I was on was a double decker bus. And I simply hate it.

I hate sitting at the top deck as I feel the world spinning around me that I could puke. Curse the uncle who didn't make matters better by driving so dangerously fast when he negotiates a corner. And no thanks to the uncle who jerks the bl**dy bus regardless of whether he is stopping for passengers to board or when he is just driving along a SMOOTH road. Grrr...

Anyway, yesterday I was not even seated at the top deck. I was seated right at the bottom. But this did not make me feel better.

I suspect that one of the reasons why I was feeling so sick was cos' at the next stop, an army boy boarded the bus. And this is bad. Real bad.


Simply cos' he stinks big time~! His uniform looks so old & it looks like its soak with sweat. Ewww..

This just simply adds on to the green-ess of my face & irritate me to no end...

So what did the prawn do to react? =P

Well, nothing much actually. I just stared at him with my ever accusing eyes & pinched my nose, not bothering to hide the fact that I think he is such a skunk.. =S

Am bad eh? =P

But despite all this, I was still feeling terribly sick. I wished I could scream at the bus driver to let me alight so that I could puke or something. Or grab the wheel from his hand so that I can take over his job. I can sure do a better job than him. Haha~! =D

When finally I alighted from the bus, I decided that I should reward myself for being such a hardworking prawn as well as poor soul for having to endure all this sh*t. So I went to the fish shop. Browsed a long long while, deciding what type of fishies I should get, till I see stars again.. =S

Finally, I settled for this..

Neo Tetras~! Nice? =D

Monday, May 08, 2006
5/08/2006 12:06:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Was feeling rather bored so decided to do a little write-up on some "species" of girls whom I will never understand what they are thinking. And whom I totally despise.

Type 1:
What kind of girl is this who sleeps around despite having a boyfriend.

And even has the guts to tell him that she likes to flirt around with other guys.

So easily being taken in just because the guy treat her good at first with little gifts & sweet nothings...

Only later to find out that he was not what she THOUGHT he was.

She likes to be hanging around guys who are already attached seemingly to tempt him to become unfaithful.

She finds it thrilling to do so.

What a she-devil.

Type 2:
What kind of girl is this who ends a relationship after being together for 10 years.

Could it have been the temptations of the outside world is too great for her to bear?

Someone who merely earns more than he then-beau is good enough for her.

Nothing else matters.

What about the sweet memories, the up-& downs that they've been through together, don't they mean anything to her?

Won't she be at the losing end?

Won't she be taking a big risk by breaking up only 10 year?

WIth the motive of falling into the arms of a better "eligible" man, she could come up with excuses that seem obvious.

Excuses that she should have seen this supposed "fault" within the span of the 10 years relationship.

Giving excuses at the expense of his pride.

What a b*tch.

Well, all kinds of girls out there. I am not saying that I am perfect or anything of that kind or expect all girls to be good-2-shoes & stick to their man - good or bad. But certain things have to be done tactfully (with minimal destruction) or with good & sensible reasons. Otherwise, everytime you get into a relationship hoping to break up anytime whenever a "better" man comes along, then why bother to get involve in one in the first place.

I always thought that with respect to the person beside you now, there is always someone else better than him in some corner of the world. Sometimes you many never have the chance to meet him in your life, sometimes you do.

But the bottom line is before you do anything rash, think.

Think about the days you both had together. Think of all the good & sweet things he has done for you & is still doing. But if despite doing all this , can't re-ignite any flame of passion in you, then maybe its really time for you to move on.

That is not only a little advice from me to the world at large (disclaimer applies.. =P), but also serves as a little reminder to myself. As I could get quite unstable at times too.. =S

Oh, before I end off, just would like to show some pic taken during our outing yeaterday before he book in.

He bought a nice nail polish at Missha for me.. =)

Nice? =)

Found this very cute 2-coloured fish in the aquarium in Suntec City, near the Koi pond..

Our regular visit to Carl's junior...

Our fav yummy burito.. =)

Just for a breakfast meal, we finish 3 packs of honey mustard.. =S

Happy happy me.. =)

My shuai shuai darling. Thought that he is getting better & better looking wor..*droolz* =P

One of the best bald pic I took of him.. =)

He has one of the shiniest boots in his bunk~! =)

Saturday, May 06, 2006
5/06/2006 10:23:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today was a totally amazing day~! Spent a day with darling & the feeling I get from it all is like as if we were back to the days when we 1st started dating.. =P

So loving. Every touch & affectionate action & word seems so electrifying all over again. Such a wonderful feeling~! Been yearning for this sorta feeling to come back for a long time now.. =p

But its not as if darling hasn't been sweet towards me lately la..haha =P

He came over to meet me at Khatib MRT station in the late morning before we start making our way to Jurong Point. Upon reaching there, we browse around the shops before making our way to buy movie tickets. Its really been some time since we watched a movie at the theatres as we both "cheapo king & queen" always watch downloaded movies on the computer.. =P

We finally decided on Mission Impossible III.

The shows rather good. With all the great bangs & whams. Even I who is not a very keen of action movies find it a thrilling show. So anyone of you looking for some nice movies to catch, this might be a good choice.. =)

Anyway, while waiting to go into the theatres & hanging around, we chanced upon a couple. The lady is so "interesting" that she attracted some attention to herself.. =S

What's so interesting about her?

Well, cos she is HUGE on the front. And I say its really very GIGANTIC. Well, I can't say that I totally don't look at girls with good figure. In fact, I do look at girls & admire them (sometimes some of my friends even ask if I am a lesbian).. =S

And I too have some rather sensible or high sense of taste for girls with good shape or looks. Hmm..but don't be mistaken, its not coz I think that I am too pretty or what, that's why I judge these girls. Its just a pervertic natural habit that I have.. =P

Anyway, back to the main topic..

She was so big & eye-catching that even those se peh peh (A.K.A. Dirty old man), be it young or old come to have a glimpse of her chest.

But from my personal point of view, I think that her dress sense sux. i've definitely got no qualms about girls wearing clothes to compliment & bring out their assets. But definitely not in this way when half her large boobs are threatening to roll out of her skimpy top & her tummy showing. Put it crudely: SHE MIGHT AS WELL NOT WEAR ANYTHING. =S

Such horrible taste of dressing puts me off. Hmm..or could she one of those social escorts of Geylang.. =S

Oops...I am getting mean around here.. =P

Anyway to those who are interested, this is how my darling looks like after being enlisted in the army:

2 weeks ago, when he just enlisted..

2 weeks later.. =)

Well, as you guys can see, he has indeed slim down quite abit. Thou I know that he could do better than this *hint hint*.. =P

Keep up the good work wor, darling~! I kknow you can do it.. =)

Oh, before I end off this entry, just ike to introduce a very nice chocolate cake from Prima Deli. Not a super fantastic cake but enough to set my taste buds tingling with joy. And its cheap enough too. =P


Chocolate fudge cake...*droolz*

Friday, May 05, 2006
5/05/2006 11:15:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Wow~! After 2 weeks, I've finally survived through not being able to see darling for TWO freaking weeks~! =S

Oh, ain't I proud of myself. =)

Actually 2 weeks really flies when I've got things to do. =)

The earlier part of today went by as usual with me being busy with my studies. By the time I have to leave school to make my way to Pasir Ris to meet darling, I realised that I was so damn hungry. It was so bad that even my hands were shaking & I see stars.. =S

But well, guess all this is worth it in the name of dieting & to see darling..haha

When I saw darling I couldn't recognise him for a moment. Well..mostly becos' of his durian head..hehe

But on closer look he has also slim down quite abit. His face seem to have shrunk~! In fact, I think the exercise & healthy eating has left a rather pinkish glow on his face. His complexion has become so good that even I envy.. =S

But something pissed me off irritated me today. Met one of the girls while on my way to the canteen to buy lunch. One of them started to boast about her making into one of the Big 4 accounting firm. I was like "to hell with you", as if your grades are superb lo. You went in becos you were from a good school LAST TIME & you are FILTHY rich k? So there isn't anything to boast about, esp to me. Grr....

Anyway, tomorrow is Election Day. First time in my whole life that I get to vote. To most people, think the normal reaction in such a situation is to be excited? But gosh, I don't think I can be. Becos' I still have to wake up early to go to the voting center as I will be meeting darling later in the day. Busy busy me.. =S

But at least it would put an end to all the "scandals" of the various elections parties that irks me as well as the massive coverage by the media on the election that bores me to no end..

I really don't understand how could a cousin-in-law of mine who could actually sit by the TV the whole day watching / keeping track of the election progress (as if there is any progress) by watching news in all languages that he could ever understand. Switching between Channel 8 news to Channel U news to Channel News Asia all day long just to listen to the SAME set of news?!

Its so puzzling yet so amazing to me.... =P

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
5/03/2006 04:25:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Sometimes I envy.

Sometimes I am filled with jealousy.

How come 2 people of the same background have 2 different types of life?

Be it siblings. Be it friends.

One year ago, I wished for all my heart & soul. The one & only thing I would ever wish for - my OWN FREEDOM.

Believe it or not. Never once, since young had I ever wished for any material things with as much hope.

But till today, my little wish has never come true.

I am beginning to doubt whether it will ever come true.

I am not being grumpy or wanting too much out of life. But if only anyone out there could ever understand me & what I am saying or simply putting yourself in my shoes.

Many have formed many bad impression of me. Even people who used to be closest to me; people I could trust.

Standards being set that seem strangle me to no end. Standards set according to how they see life & the way they think life should be.

But have anyone ever asked me what kind of life I want to lead? Anyone ever bothered to find out what kind of girl / person I really am?

I really don't know. I doubt so.

Sometimes I feel like as if I could just walk out of this life forever. Not caring a damn about what others think. But being alone with only my own belief make me feel so out of place. Makes me have so little courage to face what come may.

If only I had someone - someone close to my heart to encourage & support what I do.

If only...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
5/02/2006 05:06:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Some thoughts came into my mind today due to some incident.

Was just thinking, wondering, pondering to myself whether age really play a part in a relationship.

Is it really not "socially acceptable"?

Will guys start to detest or find it stale to be with the girl older than him? What will he think when her looks start to go downhill?

Does maturity of the thinking has to do with one's age?

Isn't it true that as long as we respect each other & have a common goal in life, that's what matters?

Why is it that being in a relationship needs so many "criteria" to be fulfiled?

I don't think so right?

To some it may even be some sort of mathematical formula that needs to be met.

Is it true that when the when a couple is together, they have to make sure that their marriageable age intersects?

It all sounds so ridiculous to me. I don't know the answer to this all. Maybe someone could help me with that? Haizzz........

Monday, May 01, 2006
5/01/2006 01:04:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today I have the whole house to myself as everyone is out. But poor me, I am home alone. What to do, can't go out as exams is really drawing too near that even I am sweating about it.. =S

But what I can say is that this is truely one fruitful day for me. Not only did I manage to complete some of my maths mock exams corrections, I also managed to do some self-grooming.. =)

I've even got time to think about some issues & blog.. =)

Well..I didn't score very good for my Maths exams. I should be ashamed to even mention about what kind of lousy grades I got. But, wierd enough I was not feeling this way. In fact, I want to share this to the world.. =S

I am wierd. Indeed wierd.. *Runs off laughing hystericaly*

Ok. I got a feaking 26 for this paper~! =O

Bad it is. But when I got down to do the corrections for this paper I became happier. Not because I have gone mad. It is more of that I know that if given a second chance I would be able to do better than this. On thinking & blogging down this thought, I have become happier by another 100%~! =P

Sometimes, I am really impressed of how optimistic with things~! Thou I've got my days when even I can't get myself optimistic about certain things. After all, hey, I am only HUMAN~! =P

Anyway as for the grooming part, I was using some teeth whitening gel thing that darling bought for me during his US trip. Seems quite useful. At least I don't have to flash my rotten, maggot-infested teeth at others when I smile again... =P

The kit that may give me some nice pearls in my mouth... =)

But of coz all this don't come to me without a price...

Because I gotta wear the plastic mould in my mouth for a good 15 minutes. I ended up having aching jaw & saliva drooling out by the 1st 5 minutes.. =S

After my little grooming session, I went through some stuff in my room hidden in some forgotten corner..

And look what I came across..

My homemade art folio from primary school...

My potrait of a container & fruits. Got a score of 28/30. Gosh, am I that good?! *Faintz*

A potrait of containers. Got a score of 5/10. This is my real standard lahz.. =P

A self painted "wallpaper"..

Another design of wallpaer..

Yet another wallpaper. Such happy colours.. =)

Ok, enough of ranting for the day. May you guys enjoy the day as much as I do. After its a public holiday, so go out have fun. Any kind soul wanna have fun on my behalf too? Hehe