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Saturday, April 29, 2006
4/29/2006 12:30:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

I am indeed a proud little prawn today. Coz despite me not having the mood to go to school for class, I went still.

Frankly speaking, the credit for all this don't really goes to me. For me, I thought that its really quite a drag to go as I think that I won't benefit from it much. I'd rather stay at home to mug for my exams.

So I decided to try my luck.

Told mum that I didn't feel like going for class the night before. And her reply was:

Next time if you don't want to attend a lesson then don't even bother paying for it. And she grrr me...
*Runs off with tail between my legs* =S

So I decided to try my luck with darling the next time he called. Told him the same excuse & his reply was:

Darling: Go lahz...its good for you....
Me: ......
Darling: Remember you promised to study hard when I am in camp?
Me: ?!

*shrugs shoulders in exasperation*

To make matter worse or should I say to make sure that his demands persuasion sinks into my prawny head, he even called later in the afternoon. This was just when I was snuggling cozily in my air con bedroom, listening to my fav songs & lazing away starting to write my essay. =S

Oh well, can't escape from class I guess. Even my bribe offer of giving him a
BIG kiss when he books out from camp doesn't help.. =S

So off I go to school now... =S

Thursday, April 27, 2006
4/27/2006 11:05:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Had evening class today. And exams is looming even nearer by now. But the good thing is that its gonna be slightly more than 1 week before darling can book out for the 1st time ever since he got enlisted. Looking forward to it... =)

But in the meantime I've been also busy with my things & getting along fine in life... =)

In fact, I've been getting so busy that its rather scary. Waking up as early as 9am in the morning but not sleeping until its way past 12am. But the wierd thing is that I am still not getting haggard or anything of that sort. Lucky me... =D

Anyway since I am having evening class with Ava, I decided to go to her house to meet her so that we can go to school later together. usual, the both of us seem to become chicken backside the moment we see each other. Coz our mouth can never stop talking. Could it be girls are always girls - never stop talking? Or is it just us? hehe

But the most amusing thing that Ava & me noticed was that Milo seem to be walking around the house the whole day long. This is especially so when there is action happening in the house, you will surely find this cutey there. Indeed a self-proclaimed supervisor.. =P

The supervisor..

And of course not missing out places where people are eating, he will hang around doing all sorts of "tricks" or simply act pathetic. cute... *faintz* =)

Playing dead...

The pathetic look that I can't resist...

Goody-2-shoes just for food... =S

Cute? =)

Just like today when Ava's dad was giving me another helping of fried beehoon, our friend will be standing below all ready to eat whatever that falls off the plate. So when the beehoon dropped & I exclaimed in horror, her father said it ok. And before I knew it, it was cleaned up by the "house maid"... =P

Later on when we went for class. It was so boring. Well..but at least I tried to do my mock exam questions while the lecturer goes through other questions. But its really no point staying on, I guess.

During break time, this was when the little devil in the both of us started poofing out. We started discussing whether we should leave.

It goes this way:

Ava: Gosh, its so boring. Think if it not that you are here, I would have been gone by now.

Me: Ya..its quite boring leh...

Ava: Then you wanna leave the class meh?

Me: Hmm..wanna leave then leave lohhhhh...
(Can practically see my mouth form an "O" shape when I say "lohhhh") =D

Ava: ??!! *Shocked*

Well, as agreed..I was supposed to say that I physcho Ava to leave the class lahz. So well..I did. Hehe

Hope that Ms Ava, if you are reading this entry, its pleases you... =P

*Psst* But truth is:
WE BOTH PHYSCHO EACH OTHER LAHZ. We are the little "devils" of each other..Wehee...

4/27/2006 10:59:00 AM
Article submitted by Lixia:

The final sending off is usually painful. Lying cold in the coffin with your loved ones all misty-eyed is one of the torturous incidents that can happen in ones life.

But with the creativity of businessmen, they some up with something, seemingly to help sooth the pain the relatives of the deceased is going through.

When I first read about this idea of pop songs or other more melodious songs being played in a funeral instead of those loud & alien songs played in the past, I laughed. In fact, I found it amusing.

I would go like:"Hey, this is a funeral, not a pop concert. Why are you guys playing pop songs (thou they are slow songs)? Ain't you guys not showing some respect to the dead? " -_-"

But today, I finally got to hear for myself all this supposed pop songs played in a funeral. It isn't that bad after all. Because although its pop songs but the distinctive sound of the er hu, drum & organ (or piano) seems to make the funeral session no less disrespectful. Even the standard chanting music are played in a more modern way. And that's so amazing~! =)

In fact, I think it would be a bliss for the deceased be accompanied on his last jorney in life with songs that he'd always loved.

So for this time round at least, I would say that the businessmen had indeed made a really great & useful innovation. Gone are the days where there are loud possessions with songs no one can associate too... =D

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
4/26/2006 12:13:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today is another lazy day for me. Hmm...or maybe I didn't use the right word. I should say its a rather peaceful day for me, thou abit slow. Tried to do some revision as I've not much time left to the start of my ultimate nightmare - MY FINAL YEAR EXAMS~! =S

Probably its time that I start counting down so that my little prawn brain can start working out all the mould..hehe

Anyway, this morning darling did not msg me on my handphone, just like what he always did everyday ever since he got enlisted. Well, as some would expect I was feeling abit lousy about it. But when I started getting down to my revision & listening to some of my favourite music, I seem to brighten up. I thought to myself that maybe I should not be wasting my time away dwelling in the fact that darling is not gonna be always there for me every moment of the time or day.

This little fact sounds harsh & nightmarish to me thou. In fact, if it was me in the "past" I would certainly not accept this cruel little fact. I would have scowled. Kicked my feet. Stormed off. Or threaten to do all sorts of silly things. Doing all the things that a spoilt kid would do just to get her way.

But wierdly this time round I really don't see a need to do that. Its just not worth it. Coz I know somewhere in my heart that darling is "fighting" hard to "survive" in there & also to try his very best to work his way to fulfil our little dream. So why should I be wasting my life away instead of doing my part too?

Sounds mushy?

But true. I know that is what is happening. And I guess this little pep talk to myself & trying to build a little confidence in me is what that has kept me alive for so long. Guess I should gain some credit for it too? =)

Can I say that the prawn has finally been enlightened & thus matured?

Or could it have been the healing affect of the music I am hearing right now that is "hypnotising" me to think in such a way that I would never have in the past?

But in any case, this seem to bring my interest to research abit about the supposed healing effect of music.

And this was what I found...

We have all heard by now what positive effects listening to music has on one's well being. From playing Mozart to make you smarter, to the soothing sounds of relaxing ambient music to relieve stress. We turn up the rock-n-roll to get us energized in the morning and have experienced the calming sounds of a quiet dinner out.

Sometimes music can reach people in ways that other types of traditional therapy cannot.

Think of any song that might have touched you at some time. You may have felt that the singer was singing about your life or situation that you were dealing with. In this way, music provides the starting point to break through and begin the therapeutic process.

No one's sure exactly how music heals, but it looks like our brains are wired to respond to it. At a nonverbal level, music activates our minds, integrates our attention, and seems to help regulate some body functions.

In fact, the right song seems to work in more than one way--distracting us from pain, boosting mood, reviving old memories, even prompting the body to match its rhythms. With its many tempo, rhythm, melody, harmony, music helps to stimulate the brain in many ways at once.

Just a little poem I chanced upon about the beauty of music:

Music is silence and sound, dancing together in space.
The heavens are music. The earth is music.
Called into being, we listen.
Living resonances of the word, we sing.
Embracing in silence and sound
Together in endless song, is harmony.
Listen with love. Awaken to music.
Sounding the truth together is healing.

-Author unknown -

For me any song is good. As long as I can associate with it. Singing helps me to further "release" whatever feeling bottled inside, bursting to get out. But sometimes emotional people like me can get so carried away that after listening to a sad song, my mood will become that way too... =S

I wish that all you guys can find the song of your life... *hugz*

Monday, April 24, 2006
4/24/2006 09:40:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Today is just another day when I didn't complete much of my revision again. Not becos' I was too depressed to do anything. In fact, it was a rather hectic day for me today - time was not spent on things irrelevant to my school work..haha

Left the house late in the morning to meet Eddy's mum & her friend for lunch at a South Indian restaurant at Excelsior Hotel. The layout of this restaurant is really nice, with lots of the ancient indian artifacts placed nicely as decoratives. I simply love it~! =)

Another unique character of this place is not not only the food there is nice (thou its vegetarian), you get to choose how much you want to pay for after the meal~! After which, a portion of their earnings will be donated for charity purposes. Wow, what a way to do business~! I am truely impressed.. =)

Nice pillar they have in the restaurant...

My first plate of food..looks yummy..*droolz*

Look at the spread of food.. =)

After lunch, I made my way for a job interview again. Actually I've stopped my job hunting activity since 2 weeks ago. So I didn't to receive an offer for interview after so long. But anyway, since I had this chance..why not? =)

I was glad I went for the interview as this changed my view of the way audit firms looked like. Most firms I went to were rather messy. But this firm was not, it was very well-lighted & neater.This seems like a place where people will feel more motivated to work.

Ssometimes I wonder if a company has things strewned all over the place & workspaces are not kept neat & tidy, wouldn't the staff feel very frustrated to work in such a condition? I don't know about the others, but for me I surely can't work in such an untidy & unorganised place.. =S

Anyway, no matter how I like the workplace or job, I 've just gotta wait for the results of the interview...

Keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime.. =S

Saturday, April 22, 2006
4/22/2006 10:45:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

It has been 1 day since darling has been enlisted. Still, the "pain" I feel is as excruciating as the day he just went in. Haiz...sad to say..but I really can't help feeling empty & pity myself abit..

But well, what can I do. Its the NATIONAL SERVICE you are talking about here you know.. =S

Was looking at the pics I took yesterday when he was enlisted & listening to the songs I recorded in my handphone of him singing the day before yesterday. And it was already enough to weigh my heart to the rock bottom. As for what happens after that, its so embarrasing to say... =S

But anyway, here are the pics I took the day before...

Taken on the bus to the ferry terminal...

The ferry to Pulau Tekong..

Such nice seats they have on the ferry; much better than I had imagined...

There's even carpeted flooring. Going for a cruise? =S

Nice view of the lush greenery...

The large waves on the water that makes me feel so sick & wobbly...

Land reclamation works on Tekong...

The jetty of Pulau Tekong with the BMTC school in the background...

Just today, met a close friend in school. Had a good long chat with him. He really gave me an "insight" on what I was should be expecting & things that could happen. He also encouraged me to hang in there & see what comes good things out of it all. In short, BE PATIENT & ENJOY MY TIME WITH HIM.

I can't say that I am touched or moved by what he told me. But the very least is that I feel more encouraged. In fact, I think I need alot of it.

Am still hanging in there quite steadily. But everyday seems like a year to me. Luckily, the frequent calls from darling in a day whenever he is free makes my day pass easier...

I know he won't be able to read this until he books out from camp. But still, would like to thank him for making me feel that I am still in his mind. And most importantly, to my friends who are concerned like Ava, Wee Hong, The Imp & all other, a big THANK YOU to you guys... *Hugz*

Thursday, April 20, 2006
4/20/2006 11:48:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

Its has been less than 1 week since darling came back from the US and its time for him to be enlisted for the Army. Oh gosh..why is it so unfair? Time seems so short..haiz... =( least I could say that we spent almost most of our waking moments these few days together. But of course, this wasn't without our usual little quarrels here & there. But on the whole, we spent our time mainly talking, eating all the good food he brought back from there & doing things that we (or rather I) had always wanted to do.

We even bought a little DIY art piece from the Pasar malam~! Doing it was tough, not because the work was difficult. It was more of our hands keep hitting on each other's & darling kept squirting the glitter (accidentally) on wrong places, almost ruining our masterpiece. And of coz my mmod too..grrr.. =S

Getting ready to paint...

The materials provided...

That's darling painting the nose.. =)

The end product..looks like darling lei.. =P

I even managed to convince darling to play the guitar for me.. =)

For instance, today darling brought me to East Coast Park to eat before we strolled to Bedok Jetty. What I can say is that the ambience of the hawker center is rather good. For one thing, its not too noisy & neither was it stinky. A rather cool place with orange lamps & pavilion to make the place romantic.. =)

Lots of good food in there.. *Droolz*

What a spread..yummz~! =)

@ Bedok Jetty...

Haiz..time really flies. Even before he is inside there I already can't bear to think too much about it.

Sounds mushy & too touchy for your liking?

Well...I've yet to get down to the details on what I did when I am feeling so lousy of it all. So you should be feeling rather relieved. =S

But no, am I just a self-centered girlfriend who think of just all about myself. I do think abotut my darling too. In fact, not only will I be missing him during this period, I will also be worrying for his safety in there.

I worry he may meet with some mishap during training. =S

I worry that he may encounter some "dirty" stuff. =S

I worry he may offend some people in there. =S

I worry he may become an outcast in there. =S

I worry about the hardship he has to go through in there.

There is a whole lorry of stuff that I woory about. Haiz..yeah yeah..I know..all these worries make me sound more like an anxious parent rather than a gf right? But, really, I can't help it too, you know... =(

I wish that all this will be over very soon. That this 2 years will fly by & before we both know it he would have ORD & I would have achieved quite abit in life le.. =)

Hope that I will not get too emotional or do some other silly things tomorrow when sending him off. Its so EMBARASSING & there goes my pretty little make-up~! =S

Friday, April 14, 2006
4/14/2006 11:37:00 PM
Article submitted by Lixia:

After so long, darling is finally back. Well, met him immediately the next morning. In fact, the night before I was already grinning to myself that I had actually survived this far & was also bursting with much anticipation & excitement. =p

When I met him at the MRT, of coz it was the big bear hug. Oh gosh, are we over-reacting here or something? It seems that we are acting as if we haven't met each other for like 3 years when it was actually only been 3 WEEKS~! =S

But anyway, as usual, he bought lots of little gifts & surprises for me. The amount of things he bought was so "scary" that it took me 2 carrier bags for me to contain them. =S

A pair of nice earrings...

A matching necklace..

A manicure set.. =O

A sweet Maybelline lipstick... =)

A gadget to seperate the baby fishes ~ even the babies are thought of by darling...Amazing~! =)

A cute 2006 16 mths calender~! =O

A pretty dress from Ed's sis, Emily

Yet another top ~ sexy thou..& another Levis jeans for me... =)

A cute puppy notebook.. =)

Actually would really like to show more of the little gifts but it really too many. So I'll stop right here. If in future there is any other chance I will try to put the pics up again.. =)

Apart from the present, darling also packed from a very nice fast food chain (Denny's) a breakfast set all the way from the USA. The quantity they serve was so huge that I think that it will take 2 average Singaporeans to finish it. And bet those who know me will be amazed that ME (A well known big eater) can't even finish it~! =S

The main course ~ Eggs, sausages, Ham & Bacon...

A stack of pancakes..burpz.. =S

On the whole this was truely a very fruitful day that I have waited for soooo long. We spent the rest of the day looking through the little surprises, having breakfast & talking about the future as well as other crap. This must be my little reward by the Above for being such a patient little prawn... *Grinz* =P

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
4/12/2006 08:11:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

Dinner at Chevy's Fresh Mex, Mexican Food:

4/12/2006 07:47:00 AM
Article Submitted by Eddy:

Digging Koi Pond with Steven..

Steven bought a landscaping pond from Costco on Saturday and we commenced digging for it almost immediately when we got home. Here are the photos: