Beautiful Girls

Saturday, September 01, 2007
9/01/2007 03:14:00 PM
A future to look forward to?

As we celebrated our 2 years anniversary, our common dream seems to become further from us (at least that is what I perceive it to be). Dreams that used to inspire me in the past, now made me feel more troubled.

Nothing seems to be logical now. I don't know what I am still hanging around for. No matter how hard we try to meet midway, we don't seem to be at each other's standards. Its just a brush of shoulders. Sad, I would say...

Want so badly to slow down but what's the use? Time waits for no man. Its a take it or leave it world out there.

You said that I am too selfish to think about myself & nothing else. This is not true. Feel so wronged. Its US that is the most important to me.

Been having more quarrels lately. Its not my fault. You have changed COMPLETELY. No wonder people say that the way a guy treat his mum is the same way he will treat his gf much less his wife.

For what are we hanging on to this relationship that is so messed up?

Just as you are disappointed with me I am equally disappointed, if not more, with you.

I see no hope in us anymore.

Feel anger and disappointment with you. I don't know how to live with you anymore.

Bleak future...

What am I to do? Want so much to escape from it all just like what I did 2 years ago. Can I do that? Will I ever be able to do that?

But what's keeping me from doing that?

So envious of the people out there.

I am indeed the Green-Eyed Monster.

Looking back at the recent gifts he gave me / we did to celebrate our monthly anniversary gave me the following thoughts:

9th month anniversary
We met in Orchard Road for shopping. After that, we bought some delicious Japanese food and shared it on the marble top outside Wisma Atria.

He even rushed to Suntec to buy me a nice bracelet before he went for class. *Touched* He always knows what kind of gifts makes me smile... =)

23rd month anniversary
He cooked me a big plate of cream spaghetti and even bought a bottle of wine to celebrate this special day. I can never resist his cooking especially when it comes to white creamy spaghetti which he specially cooked with extra lots of cream and cheese. A truely delightful surprise for me.

2 year anniversay
The last time he bought me anything so expensive was when we were together for barely a week. He bought me a diamon ring. And now 2 years later, I got another nice shimmery diamond ring from him. A bigger and more expensive than the 1st.

A renewal of love's promises?