Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
9/21/2005 12:28:00 AM
1 day has passed since the big events. At last the whole episode has ended for now & I am thankful that all along darling has never left my side. He really had it tough from me – think this whole episode could have cost him his sanity? Haha..Thanks darling! Guess we are closer than ever now as at least between us we have 1 less obstacle..hehe

Anyway its mid-week...for once I feel more at ease..& surprising enough ever since school re-open for classes today is 1 day where I meet a lot of friends : my secondary mate - Peixin & Michelle, JC mate - Li Ping & one of my best buddy in school - Daniel...such a great feeling..haha

Hmm..maybe things are finally looking up for me? well, at least that is what I think so at this moment... =)

Comments (By Eddy) :
That might has just well cost me my sanity, but I did take it well as I did think positively.And yes I agree that things are way better now.
Come what may ... This song's in my head now.
I Love you, Eddy