Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
9/27/2005 08:18:00 AM
Classes went as usual today. Just that it was longer - 3 & a half hr! Gosh! Why is the sch so bian tai if 3 hr is not enough to kill out brain cells...haiz~..Maybe 1 of these days should tie up those ppl in the admin office planning for our timetable & dump them to rot in the lecture theatre for the same duration to let them have a taste of their own medicine..haha!! Sounds gd eh? Guess most ppl in my sch will raise both their hands & feet in agreement to my ingenius idea.. =P

After class, rush off to meet darling for lunch. He was very sweet - not only have to wait a gd 20 min for me but also bought my fav choc cake & cheese cake..yummz!! Cakes never tasted so good before..hehe

Aniwae too bad, darling has to rush off to work..only can have 1 hr to pei him..sadz lei.. =S

Well..lunch was good & we finally parted (unwillingly?) for work & home respectively..

But for me, instead of heading home, I went over to Peixin's house. Had a good time catching up on the good old times & did our usual (& my fav) activity..PHOTO TAKING!! =P

Wow! We sure took alot till I thought the cam was going to explode..changed alot of clothes oso..but the best part was that Peixin gave me 3 pieces of clothes..haha..Thankz gal..Muakx! =P

Below are some pics..enjoy..hehe:

However, in the midst of enjoying myself..I seem to have forgotten about darling (at least that was what he thinks so)..I keep missing his calls..Must have made him very upset..But I really din mean it & tried calling him as often as i can but I suppose it's just ain't enough coz the upset feeling has already set in? any case, would like to apologize to darling for neglecting him in one way or another..muazk! Love ya darling!! =)

Comments (By Eddy) :

Thanks darling for having lunch with me.. it was great ..
I'm still waiting for more photos.. you owe me a total of 4 , counting yesterday's and today!