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Saturday, September 24, 2005
9/24/2005 07:25:00 AM
Initially thought it was going to be one of those monotonous weekends that I have always been spending once school reopens..but today seems to be an exception..coz..I am allowed to go shopping with darling!! Yeah! Well..all thankz must go to my mum..haha

Met up with darling to start our date (super short of time..coz hv to go facial after tt..onli hv ard 4!!). 1st thing we did was to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant..the food there is nice..loveee almost all the food there -droolz- ..too bad din bring camera..if not I sure take photos of the food till the camera explode de..haha

Well..was really having a nice time with the food served & chatting wif darling till some disgusting aunties pissed darling criticizing..grrr!! They thought we being young can't understand Cantonese..but little do they know that my darling very talented 1 hor..don't play play huh..haha (grrr!!)

Well..aniwae darling sprain his feet today..sadz.. =S

After lunch went to walk..walked into a couple of shops..saw a very cute figurine of la bi xiao xin..gosh..his eyes covered with BRA!! Haha..wat a design.. =P

Went to a bookstore..saw this fridge nice..wanted v much to buy 4 darling de..but aiyo..that guy beat me to the cashier again..haiz~ =P

Nice & sweet phrase on it catches my attn..s my attn.. =P

So I'v to search desperately to buy something for him..wated to buy him a shirt but that guy too picky le..end up in carrefour shopping 4 groceries like bread, cakes, chocolates & etc..haha reali have abit feeling of "xiao fu qi" le..haha

Then comes the most painful part of the date today..darling tried to squeeze out a supposedly pimple from my big toe…ouch!! That sure hurts..this is 1 of those time I see darling so firm with me & insist I let him take it out 4 me...woO...scary...hehe..when it could not be taken out as I was screaming in pain in the mrt station…we finally settle for plaster on my toes..phew..hehe

Well..on the whole..i must conclude that today was really one EXCITING date..haha O_o

Comments (By Eddy) :

Yup .. the Vietnamese food was great! I do of course miss the food back in CA but eating with you makes the food tastes just as nice too.
The sprain on my anklw recovered only after a week. It's ok now.
I love the fridge magnet and i'm glad that the phrase applies to us.
Yup.. treats for me are nice... yummy. I still have some of it in my fridge.
Ouch! both injured couples walking down bugis was... hmmm . just ouch.
But well .. the vietnamese food + your treat was great!