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Friday, September 30, 2005
9/30/2005 05:22:00 PM

It has been a really long 1 month for the both of us. So many things have happen that it makes our relationship together seem so tedious yet more precious than ever. Hope to cherish it for as long as possible.

We, like all other couples, do have our fair share of quarrels (most of the time is "initiated" by me..bleahx!). Differences have also started to surface for the both of us, like way of thinking & handling things. However, as at this moment I never want to abandon this relationship.

Coz darling has been ever so supportive of me & gives me all the attention I can possibly ask for.

Almost everyday I get to see darling except for weekends (sometimes)..Most of the days its either meeting up in the morning before work or after our lives there is always time for each other..this has lasted for 4 weeks straight..I know at some point in time this will gradually slow down or even subside..but still it is still a sweet memory to keep..

Most importantly, he tries to be understanding towards me..considering the many things that happen to me...till the extent that I feels he gives in to me too much (thou I don't mind being spoilt by him lahz)..I am really appreciative of it..really..Who in the right mind would break the heart of someone who puts in so much in this relationship ?

Darling, I am really not good with handling a relationship - but what matters is the effort I've put in right? =P

What else should I be complaining about?

Anyway after this 1 month together, I wish that things for both of us will start to move in a better light & at least I will never have to write on so much heartbreaking thoughts in my blog with tears filled in by eyes..

I love you, Eddy darling!! Wishing us HAPPY 1 MONTH ANNIVERSARY together!! =)

Some other pictures taken for the past weeks:

Beautiful red rose blooming ~ representing our relationship?

A cute tikuz that can move by itself ~ darling is totally fascinated by this gift by himself =P

Posing by "Corpse Bride" when something nasty happen..grrr!!

A sumptous meal @ our fav Fish & Co..burpz! =P

Comments (By Eddy) :

I do really agree that this past month has been eventful- most of it good.
this siao tikus is very supportive and sticky. don't worry. it'll continue.
More roses? maybe so bahz!!!
The white tikus is very cute..! Aiyo .. you made it shouting in your bag the whole day for attention..
The movie is nice though. forget abt the theatre staff. And yeah , yesterday's fish and co was great..!luckily i didn't order more, if not i would have turned green again.
Thank God for his grace and blessings on us..!I really enjoy the times being with you.. Love you Lixia!