Beautiful Girls

Thursday, September 15, 2005
9/15/2005 08:19:00 AM
Its the 1st week of school & its been a reali hectic subject seems to b easy to do ah..die liao..this yr can scrap tru oso duno ah..Sobx But then thou i m the 1 studying but it is oso causing some1 to hv heart attack n bang head on poor soul is my darling ah...everyday nag me to read up..noe he reali wana help me..but then me v INDEPENDENT 1 (at least i m trying to ACT like 1) i will TRY find to to read the "smoke ball" article de..haha

Aniwae of all my lessons of the week, today's lesson has been the most the lecturer is so funny..practically laf in the whole session(tt is 3 hrs lect lei)..haha..But the moz torturous ting is tt cant laf loud la..some jokes are so funi tt i almoz wan to go bang wall lo..haha Aniwae gona go outing wif my darling tml..looking 4ward to it ah..hope everything will b nice n we will have an enjoyable day together ah..hehe Till then take carez all of ya out there!!

Comments (From Eddy):
Well Lixia,
My hopes are for you to do well in your studies.. get 1st class, well, if not at least 2nd upper.
So do well in your studies!