Beautiful Girls

Friday, September 23, 2005
9/23/2005 09:36:00 AM
Met darling today to go Wild Wild Wet...haha...1st thing in the morning was already filled with surprises...I was given a cute green stripped's the second toy given by darling liaoz..n as usual I get to see the "special" dance that was cheorograph & performed by the toy..cute! haha

The next best thing that happen was we went to get my favourite sausage from Cold Storage..yummyz!! Makes me salivate just by thing about the smell & taste liao..haha

= p ~~~

After what seems like a long wait..we finally made it to our destination..hmm..almost could'nt make it there due to some matters..haiz~

But still...we are there...haha! =)

It was the 1st time I wear a feels so naked..but well anyway I survive all this n manage to take some photos..hmm..some of the pics came out quite good that me myself am impressed too..haha

But anyway we practically ran to start the rides of the sure scream the voice out of my throat but it was fun..but most importantly was SAMSUNG SLIDE 1..i thought my internal organs are gona burst! Haha

We sat 2 rounds for that when I finally raise the white flag frantically liao..boi tahan liao..haha

Well..the rest of the afternoon was just hoping from 1 ride to another..when by the time we finally are done..both of us are totally burnt out..just short that we din SNORE on the way back in the MRT..haha

Then for the last itenary of the day, it was going to eat darling's favourite POPIAH!! Pengz ah..he is sure 1 popiah addict..1 time gulp down 3 if there is no tml n after that as expected his face turn green from all the gluttony..haha


Well..anyway the day ended faster than I wanted to…till next time..i look forward to our next outing... =p

Comments (By Eddy) :

Wow! This was the best day I ever had...!I probably would be the most fortunate guy in WWW that day.

1) Pretty gf wearing bikini for the 1st time!

2) Fun enjoying the samsung slide up.. while looking at lixia shout her lungs out .. that was great fun for both of us.

3) the train ride was ZzzzZzzz. snoring maybe?

4) yup .. I loveee food.

5) I'm really fortunate to have a gf that likes food too!
And of course, I look forward to such outing too again.