Beautiful Girls

Friday, September 16, 2005
9/16/2005 09:03:00 AM
Woke up in the morning saw the sky black black tot it our plan today to sentosa "pao tang" liao...aniwae lucki God was kind enuf..n gave ur a SUPER sunny day (duh!)..haha Aniwae rch there onli at 2pluz...wa..we brought so many tings there...likerefuge like tt lo..haha Lucki darling brought shirt n shorts so I can go have a dip in the lagoon...coz actually nt plan 4 it de la..but then c the place so nice I boi tahan le haha..nice experience thou.. Took lots of pics...but bit sadz 1 help us to take pics of ur together...sobx!! Well..aniwae was reali a fun day..somehow I tink tt this outing has brought us closer together...n make darling look more prawny (he kana sun 1st still wori tt he din bring suntan lotion n I will kana burn lo..)..haha The picz taken are v nice..but of coz got some "retarded" pic..aiyo..n some1 still gloating tt he captured the "stoned" side of me in the cam but tiring sch work haven do yet..aHHhh!! how??!! Better go do nw..if nt some1 will nag again..haha..

Comments (By Eddy) :

Yeah !!!
It was really a fun day at sentosa..! Hope to go there again soon to get burnt again - with the suntan lotion now.
I don't mind the burnt skin though. Keeps me red like a prawn.