Beautiful Girls

Sunday, October 16, 2005
10/16/2005 07:56:00 AM

In this cold rainy night

Can't help but miss you

Thinking what are you doing

Are you feeling the same way as me now?

Reminiscing the way we met

Your love that came accidentally, but it wasn't strange at all

When I seem to be alone in this world

Crumbled & ready to give up

You step into my life

Always there by my side

With words said filled with love & care

Supporting me in all I wish to do

Yet making sure I was not in the wrong path

Trying so hard to untie the knots in my heart

Feeling fortunate coz of it all

Knowing that someone is caring for me

Knowing I'll never be alone

Never have to walk tru' life on my own

Praying that this isn't a dream

Probably silly of me to think this way

But could you be here to stay for good?

Seemingly this is so

Hoping this is so

Let's walk down the misty road hand in hand...

Comments (By Eddy) :

Yup I do feel it's cool tonight.. but thinking? rather blank... or hmm thinking my future with you?
Lixia... it's a fact that you do light up my life.thank you for being with me..
To our future together... hugzzz....