Beautiful Girls

Sunday, October 02, 2005
10/02/2005 06:03:00 AM

It's a nice & lazy Sunday afternoon. Most of my day was spent just TRYING to do my revision as I was lagging quite far back & stuff which I like to do – listening to music & spending time with family. Never thought that staying home could be such a joy. In fact, told my mum that sometimes staying at home during the weekends could be just as enjoyable & relaxing..she seems somewhat delighted with what I said..hehe

Well..most probably she is glad that the family's eldest daughter who used to like to go our during weekends or coop up in her room has finally grown up? Hehe

But in any case..i felt good after saying that.. =)

Later in the evening thou..went to meet darling in Northpt..hmm..wah..that boy sure know how to stuff me with food..1st its fish & chip then its pizza..aiyo…n we even ate a large sushi & my fav sausage from Cold Storage of this day I will surely sue him 4 making me become Ms Piggy..hehe =P

Comments (By Eddy) :

yeahhh! glad to have met you today too. yummy food. and yeah, it's sinchan food, tuna onigiri! and the green tea, slurpeee too!
=p i want more!!!