Beautiful Girls

Sunday, October 30, 2005
10/30/2005 06:44:00 AM
Started the day trying so hard to do some revision..gosh..was reali slacking a lot..unlike in the past..wonder will I get "retribution" for slacking? Hehe

Brought cake & some food to sister's hostel to celebrate my b'dae earlier was fun..after so long nv see my darling little sister..she has indeed become prettier..well..our family did enjoy ourselves eating the delicious "feast" whipped up by mom & snapping lots of pics..

Another thing that brighten up my day is seeing some rather sweet things in my sister's room..HAMSTERS!! so cuteee & tame...after the small celebration I practically rush up to the room to look at the little cute things..& my cam juz cant stop snapping at them from all me obsessed with these cute dwarf hamsters..hehe

Then coz of some matters had to go to Peixin's house to borrow her this gal a great friend..she nt onli lent me..but oso gave me some clothes..wohoo..means I got another round of new collection w/o burning a hole in my poor pocket..thx ger! =)

Comments (By Peixin) :

u r welcome..feel kind of bad..cos u r tking some of my clothes..althou some clothes haven been worn b4 la..well..hope u like them..we are great pals after all..