Beautiful Girls

Thursday, October 20, 2005
10/20/2005 09:46:00 AM
Well..the earlier part of the day went on as usual as it has always been every week..that is attending my management accounting class..going tru his class was nt exactly a fun & exciting one..esp when he seems to be trying so hard to make every sentence he says funny (in actual fact it is quite corny thou.. =P)..well then wat makes matters worse is that the sunbject is SUPER tough.. *faintz*

But after school was more fun lahz..went for Eddy's mum's a spread ah..the people there was really..v happening ah..hmm..somehow I have this feeling that eddy's mum treat me better than she treat her own son lei (my own wishful thinking?)...coz she take the best part of the crab for me & also constantly ask me to is so nice.. =P

Anyway reali eat till wan to explode ah..his mum even joke & say I look so full i look like an over-stuffed hamster..hmm..interesting.. =S

But I have enjoyed myself tonight & even ended with a mini photo taking session..hmm..hopefully the pix are nice..hmm..if not..better not publish it online..lest it cause those weak hearted to die on the spot with foam spewing from their mouth? =P