Beautiful Girls

Friday, October 28, 2005
10/28/2005 01:42:00 AM

Went to school super early today..all ready to start the day with lots of work to do...hmm..initially it started out well till I came across a "new" thing to play with..n tt is blogging..haha

Have been thinking for quite long to start another blog at another site..say started out quite nice..till the part of adding comment to the m blog..haiz..spent practically the whole day meddling with that..can't seem tp figure out..sobx!! This means that I would have to put aside my big plans of setting up a beautiful blog..sob..

The comes the 2nd rant of the I wish the school & best..the whole world is smoke free...put in simple language..ban smoking!!! Not as if I've got anything against smokers..but its basically their inconsiderate attitude that piss me off...smoking their lungs out in front of non-smokers oblivious to our IRRITATED stares..I mean come on ppl..u smoke doesn't mean other ppl have to smoke wif u

k...we don't want to DIE early in the 1st place k? grrr...

Then after their inconsiderate act they throw their disgusting cigarette butts on the ground expecting the poor cleaners to clean up after them..gosh!! In fact nw a I am slamming my keyboard abt these ppl a cleaner is picking up those butts frm the floor which was thrown by those ppl..well..probably some ppl may say.."well, they are paid to do so, so why are you complaining so much?"..but plz..this iznt the way to treat our cleaners…they got better things to clean up than to pick up after u..n you don't have to be such a nuisance as to make other ppl's life worse rite? Gosh..

Maybe cigarettes should eventually be more expensive than diamonds (not as if they are as precious as diamonds)..duh!