Beautiful Girls

Friday, October 07, 2005
10/07/2005 09:27:00 AM

Woke up early in the morning..was rather looking forward to today as am going to eat my favourite porridge buffet with Eddy. But only meeting him later in the morning so went to his blog to kill time..browsed through the pics..came across those that he took with his friends during Chinese New Year when he was in uni. So cute! N was actually eyeing the jeans he wearing for those pics..darling really look great in it!! Hehe

Beautiful jeans for the sexy legs!! =P

Well then the time finally came for me to meet up. The 1st thing that surprise me was that he was wearing EXACTLY the same jeans in the pic! Omg! So happy lei...almost drools..he look so good in the jeans..hehe

Anyway finally it was time for the long-awaited a spread..really a value for money lunch. But too bad my appetite was not as large as what it used to be..burpz! guys reading my blog so go check out the buffet too..its only $9.80 nett lei!! Must try! Highly recommended by Xia Mi ( refund allowed frm me huh..bleahx! hehe)

After lunch, accompanied darling to work..& as for me..ended up sitting @ Lau Pa Sat to study...weird place to study huh? But then I managed to cover a fact much more than I could ever complete at home or even in school. Hmm..wonder if I should make Lau Pat Sat my latest hangout for studying? In fact, its quite good to

study there..1st I can study as much there & most importantly I can accompany darling for swt rite? (I think so too)..hehe

But the minus pt of sitting there for long hrs is tt I will start to smell like Lau Pat Sat..eww..think even I cant stand can eddy? Hehe & the past few days have been a very packed & fulfilling day..maybe this can help boost my morale in my studies? After all..things seems to be looking up finally?

Comments (By Eddy) :

More buffets for me!!!yummy...hmm currently looking at the buffet pdf list i sent you.
nvm...smelling like lau pa sat makes you yummy...! =p