Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
11/09/2005 07:37:00 PM
After class today went Plaza Singapura with Peixin. Wanted to get Gek Zhi's b'dae present. To reach there we took bus 61 to Bukit Batok MRT so as to accompany Michelle. Ain't we good friends? hehe

Aniwae on our journey there, Michelle was practically driven mad by me. Coz I keep irritating her? =P

Well actually from my point of view it aint much of an irritation mahz..its juz a way of getting together mahz. Like there was one time when we were standing in one corner of the MRT, she claimed that I corner, making her feel hot..then also the way i talk to Peixin..she say she hear liao wan to pengz. Hmm..wonder what I did to get on her nerve...I am inncent ya c... *Looks innocently at the crowd* =P

Anyway by the time we reach we reach PS we are like hungry wolves...well..I don't know about Peixin..but I can pratically swallow a king kong..hehe

We settled for pastamania...Its the 2nd time I am eating it (the 1st time was with darling)..tried out the Baked really taste great (now as I am typing I am beginning to feel hungry all over again.. =P~~~). But the only problem is that the serving seems quite alot for me. Imagine if ME, the ever hungry & gal with the much famous "bottom-less pit appetite" can say so, then this muz be so. In fact, after lunch I was practically burping cheese the whole day...eww... *burpz* =)

After lunch went to walk around in Plaza Singapura but as there isn't anything much to get, we walked to Orchard Rd (also to walk down the fats..hehe). After much walking till my legs wana break..finally reach Far East. Quite a number of things to buy there. We manage the get our present there. There are also quite a number of shops selling rather nice shoes...but hmm..its either my feet look too "stuffed" in them or they are priced at such horrendous in the end still din get my much wanted new pair of shoes...sobz.. =P

Another thing that makes me find Far East an attractive place for me to do shopping is that there is a shop that sells very nice earring of all types of design..juz choosing a few pairs can make me dizzy with glee as there is really ALOT of them to choose from...droolz..hehe

Well..on the whole the day was spent fruitfully..its really been a long time since I last shop..& it juz bring that little bit of happiness in me..of coz minus how tired it has caused my poor legs to be (could it be my old liao, that is why cant tahan the "pain" resulted from shopping? @O@)...hehe