Beautiful Girls

Monday, November 21, 2005
11/21/2005 10:30:00 PM
At 12.00PM

A dreamy morning on the whole...cooling..makes me want to sleep the whole day..but..sobx..have got tonnes of work to do so have to forgo my date with dreamland fairies.. =P

Well..spent most of my morning rushing my assignments & meddling with my blog...was basically multi-tasking...coz gota leave the house so as to find a place with lesser temptations so that I can study better, say Esplanade Library? Lau Pa Sat? hehe

Amongst all, what make me the most delighted & brighten up my day was that I FINALLY manage to find the song I want for my blog..yipee~! =)

Oh..btw below are some pics for those whom I missed out for my bdae party..

At 10.00 PM

Met darlingz after his work & made our way to my fav place for dinner. Amara Hotel!! The curry there is fabu-licious~! yummz~! You all out there should try it esp their curry chicken..makes me droolz juz by talking abt it lei..hehe

Aniwae during lunch time he also paid me a visit at lau Pa sat..brought me some delicious walnut cake & muffins? So swt..hehe

One thing I muz say is that darlingz seem fitter after the kayaking trip..tanner too lei...droolz..kip up the good work worz~! Maoz~ =P