Beautiful Girls

Saturday, November 26, 2005
11/26/2005 11:58:00 PM
The day started out with full of activities again..duno why..lately I've been getting rather busy..with lots of things waiting for me to do..Probably after becoming 21 years old..I've finally realize that I've got to do things & take steps so as to ensure that I can live life to the fullest? I finally realize that no matter how much i wallow in self-pity the world will no longer treat me like a baby & protect me like one..I am finally entering into the real world...

Anyway started the day doing up my nails and getting ready for an info tak at the CPA house..its really sweet of darling to accompany me fact he was the one who inititated that I should go for this talk & even offered to sit through it with me..thou it has nothing to do with his current profession...After the talk he even went down to the admissions office & comb for more phamplets containing more info on the courses offered...

After the whole incident went to IMM to walk..had a small hiccup there..anyway..hiccups between us is more often than I ever wanted...but eventually "patch back"..went to Daiso to shop..that is one of the more amazing stores I see ard..everything in that shop goes at $2~! Went there grab a few items too - can drinks, titbits & even GP battery~! (^o^)

After what seems like eternity Peixin finally arrive to mit up with me, Eddy & Wee Hong..Well..cant blame her la...something crop up at home for her...luckily before that went KFC eat with Eddy if not "a hungry prawn is an angry prawn" lei... =P

The birthday gal, Ms Gek Zhi Xiao Jie was very pretty tonite la..except for her usual "slimness"'s my birthday wish for u gal..BECOME FATTER k? Then I won't look so fat beside u mahz..give some face lahz.... (-_-")

Today I've finally come to realise that I ain't really such a nice and easy person to get along with. The more people know & love me the more tears they will shed & and more hurt they will get. I need to protect the people I love, I cant hurt then anymore by making them love me more. Probably I am really not a social oriented person as I've tot I was. Probably in the 1st place worldly relationships out there is not my forte at all.