Beautiful Girls

Friday, November 11, 2005
11/11/2005 10:13:00 PM
Met darling..& watch Chicken Little on his laptop..well..he got it frmthe net..which means that we are probably one of the 1st to watch tt movie..oopz..piracy..hehe

But well..probably for those who are dying to watch it..they would be envious..but then again...dun be too envious till you bash me worz~! bleahz~! =P

Well..the show thou abit kiddish but then I like the way the characters behave in the cute...pluz the graphic is nt bad its realli a movie worth watching..outa 10 i grade it 8.. =)

After that I went to Esplanade library to study while Eddy is at work. Well, generally the library is good as it was least during the first few hours when I was there. But 1 bad thing was that the toilet is so far away - its downstairs! (-o-)

Gota walk so faraway lei..sobx..

But what actually piss me off abit was that occassionally there will be inconsiderate people making a nuisance of themselves inthe library..grrrr...They will be talking loudly as if its nobody's business...

Gosh..can't they c the sign that is posted everywhere in the libarry telling people to talk softly at all times? And what's even more irritating was that during my last few hours in the library there sat in front of me was a couple..totally inconsiderate..instead of juz keeping their noses in the books that they have brought along they juz busied with each other oblivious to my irritated stares..juz how inconsiderate some ppl can get...

Well..aniwae guess me complain too much but this is really a problem in almoz every library I went too..can't anyone do something abt it?! grrr....haiz~!