Beautiful Girls

Thursday, November 10, 2005
11/10/2005 10:30:00 PM
Met Peixin after class & that was when she invited me to go to her house to eat steamboat. Well, being her mum's loyal foodie fan I of coz could nt resist the temptation..its TOM-YUM soup base lei... =P~~~

But being the usual "shy" & "demure" gal, I was not sure if I should impose myself on them & go uninvited ma...but anyway me & Peixin finally thought of a good excuse to go to her house..hehe

That is to say that I was only going to her house to pick up some fashion magazines. Wow, how ingenius we can be? hehe

Well, much as Peixin has expected things went on as planned & I manage to get myself invited to sit with her family for a sumptuous steamboat dinner...yupz..the food was nice, esp the meat, veg & of coz the soup...droolz..hehe

The family, including Peixin was very hospitable making sure that I was comfortable & help myself to the gd host they are..hehe

Aniwae thx once again for inviting me over. And call me "yao gui" if you wan but I am indeed looking forward to more of such meals lei..droolz...hehe