Beautiful Girls

Saturday, November 05, 2005
11/05/2005 10:51:00 PM

Went to East Coast Park with darling, Peixin and her friend, Eric to cycle. Well, initially it was abit awkward as me & darling didn't know about Eric. But the cycling seems to bring us closer (I guess..hehe).

There were lots of people in the park..quite a number of inconsiderate people that could have caused an accident..& of course..not missing out the hysterical children running around..hehe

Well cycling in a crowded park is definitely a not fun activity as people are just so irritating that you wish u could run over them with the bicycle..hehe..but at least 1 thing I can console myself is that there are lots of things to see in a crowded ECP..and that includes not only nice dogs..but also shapely guys & gals...droolz..upon typing this thought of mine I began to wonder if one would start to think that I am putting dog, hunks & babes on the same platform to describe..ain’t that the case, people? hehe

Well actually wanted to cycle from ECP to Bedok park de..but hmm..could it be cause of me & darling lag behind to play with dogs that cause us not to be able to complete our journey or could it be because we were cycling too slow ah? hehe

Well then after the cycle walk to parkway parade to eat..woo hoo..was the hokkien mee nice..hehe..but oso bit expensive lei..hehe

Well, actually took a lot of pictures at the beach before returning the bicycle..but hmm..still waiting for some pretty gal to upload to me before I can post it here..hehe..till then..juz keep waiting..lalala..hehe