Beautiful Girls

Friday, November 18, 2005
11/18/2005 12:21:00 PM
Went to National Library at Bugis to study today. Gosh of all the libraries I've been to study, this is one of the worst one after AMK library. The place is full of noisy & running children. Where are the librarians? Are they dead or blind? Can't they see what a nuisance these kids are? And where are the parents of these children? Why cant they do something abt their pesky kids? Grrr....

Its so irritating. Every minute there will be one of them racing & stomping across the library floor. Isn't a library a conducive place the do some self-study? With all these nuisance here, how can ppl concentrate of their train of thoughts? haiz~

Well, anyway what's more shocking is that not only are the children irritating, even the adults are too. Some of them are so inconsiderate that they just cant be bothered to switch their handphones to silent mode & even have the guts to talk loudly as if its nobody's business to be a "loudspeaker" here..grrr...

Later in the day, met Eddy, Peixin & Eric for dinner at a vegetarian pasta restaurant. Wa..din book seats lei..end up we have to wait half hr for it...late dinner lei...gona get fat liao la..sobz~!

Actually din wan to wait for the seats de...but then seeing the picture of the food & the crowd inside decided to wait...hope the wait is worth it..if nt juz as I have told Eric..I will pour the plate of pasta on him liao..hehe

While waiting some matters cropped up...glad that peixin was ard to hear me..Thx ger..I am glad that you were there for me last nite..if nt..haiz~!

Aniwae when the seats finally came, we went to place our orders..I ordered chicken baked rice, Eric & Eddy each ordered bacon baked rice while Peixin ordered spaghetti...hmm..the food turns out to be better than I least they dun taste vegetarian to me lei..yummz~! hehe

Lucki for me I had Eddy eating part of the baked rice for I wasn't that filled up that day..but hmmm...worried that it will cause him to be bloated la..OoopZ~

Well the dinner ended with a couple of "qian bian wen da ti"..aiyo..that Peixin hor..guess correctly moz of the fun ask her de...nxt time dun ask her le...sianz..hehe

On the whole other that the slight hiccups that happen, the nite was a fun one..Hope to have more of such outings real soon~! =)