Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
11/29/2005 10:19:00 PM
Went to school today knowing what I should do. In fact was quite proud that I actually did what I intially planned to do. That is to sit through the class alone - without them. Coz I know this time I can bow down to them at the expense of my pride. They are not worth my doing so. Well, it may seem pathetic that I am sitting there alone attending class but to me I've gain more than what it seems - I am able to better comprehend what the lecturer says & take down notes. They are simply not worth my getting upset with, just as what Ava has told me.

Anyway I think my eyes dept really gone for holiday liao..coz my eyes giving me prob ah..its a bit fact its affecting my eyesight abit lei..think I going blind liao..sobz~
But in any case no way am I gona wear specs out in the streets much less to school..I'd rather die man...look so nerdy to face the world?!

Met darling for dinner near my house. Ate our favourite hot plate tou fu. Gosh it really taste n smells heavenly esp when its hot...But the bad thing is that we seem to have over-ordered la..haiz..make me eat till my pants gona burst liao lei.. =S

Aniwae..juz as we have initially agreed, we are now meeting lesser so that we can both do our own things & also have more time to rest. Esp darling who usually has to reach hm quite late if he meets up with me. Quite taxing on him ba?

Anyway this is one kind of life I've still gota get use to..and I hope I am able to get use to quite soon..