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Thursday, November 24, 2005
11/24/2005 11:48:00 PM
What a rushed day today..was late for school..aiyo...still tot the class test was in the later part of the lesson..but..pengz lei...kana deprive of some precious minutes for the test..sadz..Did the test still tot I will be able to do reasonably well least not gona get a duck egg back ma..but alas..the nitemare still befalls...coz after lesson the lecturer posted the answer..and..aAAhhh!! Not one answer was same as his..sobz~..another wasted effort of mine..kill ma bahz~ =P

Well...class went as usual after break time...din understand moz of it as usual..haha..instead of absorbing or rather remembering the relevant stuff..I think I only managed to get into my head his crappy jokes..haha

Just like this qian bian wen da ti..
How do you kill a chicken?
Answer: Tear out itts feathers when it is alive & throw it into the streets..& it will DIE of shame!! =P

Well what I can is that today is a rather hectic day for me as after clas I had to rush home to get some stuff before visiting mum in the hospital..but in any case..glad that mum is doing fine~GET WELL SOON mum!! =)

Hmm..but what's sweet is darlingz actually make time despite being so busy from work to visit mum with me..what makes me even more delighted is that he actually kept to his promise to talk to my mum whenever he has the chance...& he did it yest..although the road ahead of us is not fr us to know yet..but at least things are going rather smoothly still? so I got to keep my fingers crossed..hehe

He brought polar puffs to the hospital fav puff..well mum din eat so brought hm & intend to eat for breakfast.. =P~~~

* Hoping that mum will get well soon..coz I wana go shopping for NEW shoes..they are falling apart soon~!* =S