Beautiful Girls

Sunday, November 06, 2005
11/06/2005 10:29:00 PM
Wow...finally..the big day has come..I am finally 21 years old today!! yippee~! hehe

Woke up very early today to doll myself up...hmm..actually peixin was supposed to come to my house earlier to help me make up de..but...hehe...the poor gal overslept as she reach hm wat to do..the poor birthday gal has to do her own make up lo..but..hmm..the effect was nt too bad lahz..hehe

Reached Khatib station to meet peixin, Wee Hong, Kenneth, Anqi & Eddy...What was to come was truely a nice feeling...coz not only was I presented with my presents, I also received a big bunch of 12 roses from swt..& juz as he has expected I was truely happy with the big surprise.. =)

Well..we made our way to City Hall MRT station to meet the rest of those who were invited for my celebration. During the ride there, it was as if I was having my own mini party in the train..coz the whole time I was moving around alot in the cabin & talking to each small groups of ppl..hmm...& one of the proudest thing was that I caught a glimpse of a lady in the train looking enviously at the roses..well tell me I am imagining things coz I am too overwhelm by my good fortune..bleahx! hehe

On reaching City Hall MRT, we waited for awhile before making our way the the place - The Rice Table Restaurant.

The ambience of the restaurant (esp the lighting) is good, at least it suits my taste..give it a rather classy feeling. The food was nice too. While waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, I had a jolly good time entertainig the guests. As it is my first time having to host such a "big" party..I think my performance was rather ok...I grade myself 8/10? hehe

Anyway moved from table to table talking to the guests making as much as possible not to neglect anyone (or did I)? =P

But as I was too busy entertaining, I din have time to sit down, much less to have a taste of the delicious food served. But well, its ok I long as the guests are happy...thou towards the evening I was totally famished.. @_@

Took lots of photos (will upload it as soon as I have received them from some pretty aunties) & when it was time to cut the cake..the ever helpful stuff of Rice Table displayed their good service attitude by not only clearing the table of the dishes but also brought out paper plates w/o even me asking....what impressive service they have & I am totally grateful for their kind gestures..cheers! =)

After lunch went to walk around & finally settled for a KTV session in Party World (Orchard). The group consist of Eddy, Anqi, Peixin, Gekzhi & of coz ME, this impt person of the day lahz.. =P

The whole session was fun. Sang quite a number of songs regardless of whether its low pitch or high pitch. I guess the happiest was me? Coz I get to screech (oopz..wrong word..shd be go high pitch) for the more "challenging" one point when my voice box was "screeching" to it hearts' content..the gang could'nt stand it anymore & switch the song when I was only halfway done with my song...

Well, that is not the moz exciting part yet..coz for the past 21 yrs of b'dae...for the 1st time a cake was smashed on my face..wat a waste..its a moose cake lei...still was so glad when I saw the cake when they sang the b'dae sng to me..thought my stomach could have a gd treat on this special say liao..but..hmm...sobx... =P

After the singing session it was finally time to go home..darling carried the presents home for me & help me open swt..hehe

A whole lot of presents I've received this year..make me so happy..Thankz everyone who was there that day..Hope you enjoyed the party..hehe

AS for me..I am totally delighted with how things turn out coz for once..this is one birthday where I got the moz ppl celebrating it for me & receiving the moz presents..Probably this year I am happier during my b'dae as compared to x'mas? hehe