Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
12/13/2005 11:25:00 PM
After class went to find a nice quiet place to study by ended up havinbg lunch with Ava and Constance. Juz as what u have guesses, we 3 gals started talking non-stop, it was only when Ava and Constance went to class that I finally could settle down and study...phew..hehe

Well after Ava's class she came over to chat with me as she had another class in the evening..but aiyo..that ger ah..skip class wor..noti noti..hehe

As for me left school earlier than expected so as to buy darling's fav fish rice and also to buy a xmas gift for him..hmm.wonder if he will like it when he recv it anot...hehe

But what makes the gift more precious and memorable is that I lost my way getting to the place where I got the place make me walk so long and gan jiong that I sweat a whole lorry load sweat ah..phew..hehe...but its worth it thou as I finally got what I want to buy.. =)

After dinner on the way hm darling gave me an early xmas's a v lovely bracelet, somemore its my fav kind lei..the CAT EYE type...nice~! =)


On the mrt oso saw a very wierd couple..hmm...the gal is really old looking and hmm..the fig abit..hmm..while the guy looks much younger than her and somemore the fig is not too bad lei..hmm..sets my curious or rather kapo little mind thinking liao..hehe