Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
12/06/2005 11:16:00 PM
After dinner Eddy went to buy a cotton bud so as to help me apply swt..haha..but that guy applied it for me right at Raffles place..with all the people walking up and down..and I gota open my big mouth for him to apply the medicine..aiyo..paise lei..wonder if I've got cavities on my teeth anot...haha

But something rather mean abt that fella is that after putting the medicine for me..he took the cotton bud to poke at the ulcers..pain lei~! grr... =P

We walked to Singapore River for a stroll..this time it was a different experience coz we reach there at a time where the sun was about to set..we've never been there at this time of the day b4 as always by the time we reach there the sun has already this time round it was truly a beautiful view..and what's best is other than the place where we always sit to admire the view..we found another better place to sit where not onli we can better admire the sunset but also can see the clouds moving a sight~! =)

After that walk to City Hall we were walking..darling offered to carry me on his back coz I keep complaining abt how painful my feet were..aiyo..and before I could say anything he was swinging me abt on his back..arrgghhh~! it was rather painful as my ribcage was pressing on his bag..but fun thou..haha

The funny part was not only was I hysterical and screaming away on his shoes started falling off 1 by 1..haha..and darling tot is onli 1 shoes that has fallen but neither he knew that both have fallen off..and they are a good 1 metre away frm each other...aiyo...what a sight..wonder will other onlookers tink that we juz escape frm the asylum? haha