Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, December 28, 2005
12/28/2005 11:03:00 PM
Been having this rather negative thought today. A thought that has been circling in my mind and yeaning to find an answer. But to no avail, of course.

Dreams & goals seems to be there in placed to make a person strive for the best that they can be. But unrealistic ones juz bring hurt and suffering to not only yourself but also the people around you, esp those who loves you. Is it wrong to set such goals in the 1st place? Is it wrong to impose ur dreams and goals on others? What's the significance of it when a goal is achieved at the expense of another's misery? Can this lead to resentment?

What is love?
Is it something that makes one change for the better?
Or is it something that makes one change just to make the other smile?
Is trying to slim down, dress well, spend wise a part of showing love?

I once receive a msg that writes this:

You love a person when...
~ No matter how busy you are, he/she will be in your mind
~ You like being with him/her - just the 2 of you
~ When you are with him/her you pretend not to pay attn to him/her; but when he/she is out of you sight you will begin looking desperately for him/her
~ When he/she is sick you will care for him/her
~ If he/she gets close to another person you will get jealous
~ When he/she puts his/her face close to yours, you will blush
~ You are happy just to see him/her happy

When You finish reading this, who appears in your mind? That will be the peron whom you really love.

How true is it for you, I don't know?

But for me, it seems quite true...