Beautiful Girls

Thursday, December 15, 2005
12/15/2005 11:41:00 AM
Had a really terrible headache today..probably coz things still hasn't been going too well for me..haiz..think I dying soon le..

Before class was talking to Peixin on the phone, she was telling me that she will be gone to Hong Kong tml and ask if there is anything I wanted for xmas or do I have any wishlist or answer to her is that all I wan for xmas is peaceful life & peace around me (I am nt trying to be funny here or what..but this is really what I really wish for xmas)..well..guess poor peixin or anyone cant grant me that wish...but this I will continue wishing for it till I get it someday...

Aniwae after class, talk to Wenhui and his friends outside the lecture theatre while copying notes from him..its was really a fun time i least it helps me to forget my troubles and headache for awhile... =)

After which met darling after work as he wanted to eat the Japanese food from my school canteen...

On my way the bus (Bus 75) pass by Tanglin Shopping center (I think so..coz nt really sure the name of that place)..its really a beautiful sight..there were a lot of ppl playing around with the artificial snow spewing out of the "snow" making machine..even from the bus I could see that the ppl there are having a whole lot of fun..I even saw a few of them totally covered with the "snow" from head-to-toe...How I yearn to be there this xmas too...wonder if my dream will come true or not...

For dinner we had a really sumptuous 1..the both of us almost exploded frm eating..haha..coz not only we ate the Japanese food but also wanton mee from a very famous stall in Amoy Street Market..the serving for that is HUGE..imagine the owner dumping almost 10 pieces of steamed and friend dumplings and a whole bunch of charsiew and a whole mountain of noodle..gosh..this is really what I call value of money lei..its onli $2.50 only ah~!

Lately darling has been rather irritated with me. Maybe he is getting tired of me le? Or am I simply too irritating to him le? Aniwae I do have a lot of bad points so probably next time if we ever ain't together anymore (choi~!), I shd warn my future admirers to stay away frm me..coz when they are attracted to me..its fatal attraction? =S