Beautiful Girls

Sunday, December 25, 2005
12/25/2005 10:28:00 PM
Its a beautiful x'mas day~! Waking up after a whole nite of rain. Busied myself with god knows what (I really duno what I've been busy the whole morning but time past extremely quickly)..Before I knew it, it was time to meet darling for our x'mas outing..yipee~! Looking forward to it lei.. =)

This year's x'mas is the 1st special x'mas I spent in my whole 21 yrs of living. Becoz for once in my life I can spend with a partner..and not being alone despite being attach for whatever reason the other party has - such as having to work or attend course overseas...And moz importantly this is also 1 year where I recv the most stuff which I like..this I not only refer to that frm Eddy, but also from my friends..

Some of the stuff given by darling was even those I pointed to him when we went out shopping..he claimed that he actually bought it before I pointed out to true it is, I duno..but still I love it~! haha

A cute pink Tikuz which I pointed out to him~!

A Box full of presents~! Wehehe~! =)

There were actually alot other prezzies I received from my friends but to prevent the danger of me missing out any of them I better not take pic of them...if nt I cant imagine my "ending" if I do become senile and miss anyone out..hehe

But of all..1 of the wierdest prezzie I got this year was a bra frm Michelle and peixin..aiyo..was shocked when I received it lo..haha..But anyway thanx lei it~! Hmm..wan me wear it for u to see mahz? haha

Then thanks May & Wendy for the very cute water bottle will surely be of very good use to me de~! =)

Oh..aniwae saw some nice pic on the goggle search website..its specially put up for the x'mas season..enjoy~!

To the world again..Merry X'mas..May all you out there have a joyous year ahead~! =)