Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
12/14/2005 10:46:00 AM
Something happened at hm today. Haiz..practically storm out of the hse..don't really have the mood to go class so ended up calling darling asking if I could mit up with him...but that guy ah..juz woke up frm dreamland land la..probably he is thinking that he was toking to me in dreamland..coz by the time I reach Lavender MRT station where I was suppose to mit him he is still sleeping..grr...ended up I got to wait for him..haiz..nothing seems to be going rite for me today...

But oso la..the fault doesn't really lies in him ba..coz been quite emotionally unstable lately..

Aniwae had breakfast with him and after awhile both he and his mum go work end up I was left alone at his hse..well..actually it ain't such a bad thing after all...since its rather peaceful there (this is what I needed the moz at this pt in time with no 1 to disturb me and I am left to do my own things in peace)...aniwae as I have nt been sleeping well lately too so after doing some of my things I ended up dozing was a nice deep sleep thou..hehe

Could have slept more but aiyo darling gave a wake up call 1 hr me answered the call feeling groggy still..and after which went to ransake his hse of his snacks and food..yummy~! I am in paradise..wish I could kidnap ALL his titbits back hm thou...haha

After rotting for the whole day I seem to have grown horns & a tail le...coz I dun even want to go for my evening class le..lucky for me got hold of a friend who can lend me his notes to yeah..i can continue rotting ard till I become mouldy le..yipee~! =P

At ard 8.30PM, darling reach hm so I cook for him dinner le..ain't I sweet? Hehe

Guess what I cook for him? Got it rite? Yes..its INSTANT duck porridge~! Totally delicious rite? Ain't I a good housewife, these days rarely can find such kind liao lei..hehe