Beautiful Girls

Monday, December 05, 2005
12/05/2005 10:46:00 PM
Spent the day basically studying..wasn't feeling too din have much appetite ba..and what's worse..although the 1st part of today's lecture is understandable..but towards the later part of the lesson...everything became blur..was so lethargic throughout the whole session that I kept falling asleep in the class..juz that I din fall off the chair while sleeping only..haha mouth seems to be rotting~! =O

The blisters are everywhere - on my tongue & the top of my speaking with a bit of slur and short tongue..will I lose my speech?? And worse still my beautiful voice cannot be heard as loud as clear as I want to liao lei..coz I've nw gota laf and tok more demurely so as not to cause pain to those blisters due to abrasion with my teeth...cant even enjoy food the way I always do le..sobx.

Well..luckily the day before Eddy gave me 1 whole lot of snacks for me to hide away in my room in case I can eat when I am hungry late at I brought an Uncle Toby's snack bar to school..and that was practically what I could eat without much pain..but the usual ever-hungry me wants and craves to eat the dumpling hor fun soup frm my school canteen~! Tried real hard trying to convince myself not to buy it by justifying that even if I bought I could not eat much it b a waste of money..but in the end I succumb to my craving (duh!)...hehe

Hmm… what all could had lots trouble eating the food and in the end had to throw it away after battling to put the hot, delicious hor fun in my bruised mouth..haha

But despite all the pain..there is one activity that I will not miss for the world and that is to meet darling for dinner..and somemore the other pull factor to go meet him despite me having sore toes due to the new shoes I was wearing is to eat my fav curry at Amara Hotel..yummz~! hehe

That is something worth waiting for today was yet another round of curry from Amara Hotel...yummz...thou was rather hungry (at least I tot I shd be..esp at the mention of my fav food lei..)..but really..not much appetite and cant eat much oso..sob..think when darling saw me eat till so cham oso will heartache ah..rite? or I thinking too much? Haha

After eating we went to have a stroll along Singapore River..hmm..its quite a regular routine that we did almoz at least once a month ever since we started dating..haha..but despite so..every experience is a nice and romantic one..haha