Beautiful Girls

Saturday, December 10, 2005
12/10/2005 09:07:00 PM
Spent the whole day busying myself with things. Wow..I did quite a lot of things tidy up my room (even if it by a mere 1% is gd enuf hor) and moz importantly doing some self study, v guai rite? Hehe

Later in the day it started to rain heavily...tot that is the end of my shopping outing liao...there's a whole load of things that I wanna buy today lei..why..why muz it rain today? =)

Well luckily for me the rain eventually became smaller and we made our way to Causeway point to shop ba..its quite late liao lei..4pm..not really have mood liao lei..imagine waiting for the whole day?

Probably I can say I am "enjoying" life bahz? Hehe

Coz later in the nite I watch "Cast Away" on Channel’s a really nice show..coz I seldom can sit through the whole show de..but this is diff..i actually sat through the whole thing~! Haha

So you guys out there shd check out this movie..see if there is any VCD or DVD available... =)

Well aniwae am glad that I finally am able to buy some of my things..and its been really a long time since I went shopping with my family lei...weird but nice feeling bahz? hehe