Beautiful Girls

Thursday, December 08, 2005
12/08/2005 10:08:00 PM
Today more clothes were added to my collections..Michelle gave me some fact they are some real nice clothes and i really do love them...Thanks gal~! =)

As for the rest of the day it was basically spent talking to to her since our morning Maths class and later on tru lunch time till she goes for her next class at 1.30..that is abt for 1 half hr~! And you think we stop there? No. haha

During her break time at 3pm she came out and we continued talking..aiyo..we juz talk abt anything under the sun..but nothing harmful thou..hehe

The chitter chatter onli ended at ard 5pluz pm when Ava finally has to go off to Orchard Road for shopping..if not..who knows how long are we gona yak untill..hehe

Well..after Ava left..I transformed into my usual dilligent student as I always has been - I started studying again..but..this did not last long as Eddy finished his work and I started to yak to him on the phone we go again~ =P

If it has not been my handphone plan having free incoming up till 7pm only..I would have yak all the way till I go hm..haha..but am afraid that my hp bill will explode to end the call by 7pm.. =P

That was when I really realy start to least I studied for a gd 1 hr rite? hehe

Aniwae by now the school is like a ghost town..wierd enough..there seems to be no night class..the school is very quite except for a few small groups of people hanging my 3 years of studying in S.I.M, I've never encountered such a situation guess that freak me out abit..haha

Cos when I left school..instead of taking a bus back I walk through a dark rd so as to get to the bus stop which has a direct bus back to $$ mahz..hehe

Juz as I was feeling kinda creepy..a cyclist rode past me...aiyo..I really scream fact if i had a weapon..sorta like a baseball bat or something i would have swing it at him liao..haha

But aniwae he was on headphone so I think he din notice that he juz scared the life outa me...phew..hehe