Beautiful Girls

Friday, December 23, 2005
12/23/2005 11:46:00 PM
Was having very bad cramps for the past few days. This made me rather weak. at one point Eddy insisted that I go see a doctor to find out what was wrong or at least get medicine to relive my suffering. But the usual me refused to go and ended up being scolded quite sternly by him. This is 1 of the very few times I see him flare up with me..But this I wasn't quite used to it, in fact was a bit hurt. To me I just din see the need to see a doc as on 1 hand I perceive my body to have the ability to recover by itself and also I think that it is a waste of $$ to see a doc me a miser if u wan.. =P

Then what touch me the most was that he actually woke up earlier so as to bring some chicken essence drink for me to drink..Wa..despite this nt being my 1st relationship..this is the 1st time any guy (bf) has cared for me till this extent..muz admit it did touched my heart a little..hehe

Fortunately for me after eating a few rounds of medication, I began to feel better liao..juz in time for xmas..if nt i would have still be too weak to enjoy the delicious food of the...haha

Later in the evening met Eddy for dinner. Before that he had xmas party in office so the sweet boy actually din eat the food but instead save them to eat with me when I meet him sweet.. =)

What a spread~! Yummy~! =P~~~

We even manage to taken pics of us together w/o the help of others as darling brought his camera stand..yippee~! =)

What a spread of food & gifts.. =P

Another of our "masterpiece"..hehe

Rushed to watch the sneak preview of Wallace & Gromit..its a rather nice movie & I do love the plasticine characters..esp the rabbit..they look so cute & make very cute sounds..Not only that the gadgets that Wallace built were amazing..I would love to have some of those..haha

For those who are still living in their childhood fantasy shd watch it..I rate it 7 out of 10.. =)