Beautiful Girls

Friday, December 09, 2005
12/09/2005 11:50:00 PM
Went to school to study least that was what I actually planned for..but hmm..when I reach school Peixin camteto my mind so decided to call her and check in which part of the school is she in..probably join her for lunch or something like that ba..

Well..actually was nt really planning to eat with them la..juz tot have having a company while studying in sch ma..but instead of studying..i ended up chit chatting with them and having a hell lot of fun instead of actually studying..EXPECTED ~! =P

Just as we were having lots of fun..I suddenly remembered my camera in the bag so I decided to take it out to snap some nice photos for my blog..well..I was really enthusiastic abt shooting some real nice photos then but Michelle & peixin thinks that esp the flash frm my camera is making the cam look too outdated le..well..its a free gift ma..what can u expect rite? haha

So, despite how much I persuaded them to let me take some pic of them they refused..but after much of my persistent harrassment Michelle finally relented and posed for my cam..yeah~! haha

Thx Michelle for posing for me lei.. =P

Well..actually I took some pic of myself too..but hmm..the effect was nt realli gd as my face seems rather big la..and the expression on my face is wierd la..haha..but nevertheless..manage to pick one of the best pic i've taken of myself:

That's me..hmm...its been said that my eyes make-up is abit horrible.. (-_-")

Well..aniwae after Michelle went back to class..Peixin was also suppose to attend her accounting class..but..aiyo..the bad bad gal skip her class..haha...probably she find me more interesting then her class? (oopz..dun punch me ah, xinz)...hehe

We started yaking all the way until Michelle's breaktime and she came out to talk to us..aniwae b4 that we went to the canteen to get a drink..Peixin ended up nt drinking hers so I took hers to drink coz my noodle is too hot liao..and the poor unsuspecting Michelle took the drink to drink..guess she almoz puke the whole thing out coz she asked why the drink is so hot..and I mean chilli hot..oopz..haha..that was when I kana scold like hell for being disgusting..oops..haha

The drink with my "fiery" saliva that almoz made michelle puke..

After this before breaktime ended we went to steal some muffins..haha..guess how many was stolen? SIX! haha..we were so paise that we had to hide them under our pile of papers..until after breaktime do we dare to take them out..hmm..aniwae juz to clarify huh..I onli took 1 muffin..the rest was taken by xinz..hehe

Ah ha~! Caught you~! Hiding evidence eh? =

Our Loot...Exactly 6 of them..hehe

Awhile later the both of us seem to have become crazy and started a photo taking frenzy..moz of which are the wacky kind..haha..That was when ppl walking ard us started giving us the suspicious look..but we dun care~! Haha

Haha..what a candid shot~! =P

The 2 Pretty gals who are slacking away.. =P

Later on after we got tired things did nt become boring for us..coz the admin ppl came to do spot check..hmm..basically they have to behave like watch dogs by guarding the doors before the check is conducted..presumably to preventing "illegal" students frm escaping? Well then but on my side I tink that by doing spot check kin the middle of a lesson is very disrupting..Just as they keep saying that no student has a right to attend another class unless the reason is very valid (My friend wanted to change class coz she is working but that reason is rejected by them too..juz wondering if that's the case..what is then considered a "very valid" reason")..then they too do not have the right to juz barge in and disrupt out lesson..I mean hey..we, the rightful students of the class, are paying to attend the class to you know...duh~!

Aniwae after class met darling for dinner..the porridge and chicken chop (esp the fries) taste fantastic~! =)