Beautiful Girls

Friday, December 16, 2005
12/16/2005 11:01:00 PM
Went with family to eat porridge buffet at Suntec City..the day started out rather hectic as I was busy choosing the rite clothes to wear. The main criteria is that not only the clothes has to be mei mei de but oso have to be loose fitting if nt wait eat the buffet le tummy pop out then how? Hehe

The choosen top..nice? =P

At the buffet there was a lot of ppl unlike in the past where there were only a few ppl..nw the place is filled with ppl of all ages even the old are opening their stomaches for the simple yet delicious food...hehe

Grandma is cute thou. There was once she kept asking me and sis if we wanted to eat pig trotters..haha..little did we know that she actually was having a craving herself to eat after much pestering she finally started pilling her plate with food again (note that juz awhile ago is was announcing that she is FULL liao) cute~! Hehe

After eating, we went to shop..bought a top frm Giordano..v nice white top..but hmm..that's to share between me and my mum de..sadz..but its least I manage to get hold of a very cute Giordano plastic bag...yipee~! =)

Later on went to Careffour. While waiting for mum to choose grapes, I began walking around and came across something very unique and's a fermented's v the holes of the cheese there are some green stuff which look somewhat like algae..looking at it make me tempted to take a pic of it to show to you guys…enjoy.. =)

The disgusting cheese which smells horrible =S

Went to do some xmas shopping too..finally bought a gift for Peixin, Michelle and Eddy's mum...nw broke again...hehe..gota save more by this week if nt can't get the rest of the presents I may probably be shot? Hehe

At the end of the day, we were all totally drained and was dozing off in the MRT..juz short of snoring all the way frm City Hall MRT to Khatib MRT station..hehe

Forcing grandma to take pic with me...haha

Doesn't this look better than the 1st? At least grandma is smiling liao lei.. =)

Taking a self pic of myself b4 going to Zzzz on the train (Hope I din drool) =P