Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
12/27/2005 10:08:00 PM
Yesterday and today has been a rather gloomy day. A totally great day for sleeping. Unlike what eddy says that the sky is "wierd". (-_-")

Mock exams and final exams are just around the corner and me starting to fall sick. One day have ulcer. The other day have serious stomach cramp. Then today have block nose and gastric pain. I can be as unlucky as to cut my gum when brushing teeth. Haiz~! =(

In this gloomy day cant really help but to think of the past. The times spent. How I miss them. Is it true that one shd nt live in the past memories. Am I the only one in this artificial world who has the habit of reminiscing the past? How true to say time once passed will never return. Never returning to the good old times no matter how you wish you could. So all out there, me included, should cherish the times spent becoz' it may be the one & only opportunity you will enjoy such good times. As each good time is unique as it is~! =)