Beautiful Girls

Thursday, December 01, 2005
12/01/2005 10:49:00 PM
Yipee~! Its our 3 months anniversary! Hmm..its been really tough for the both of us..many a times our r/s was on the verge on ending..probably you could say that its unstable yet ba...

Aniwae am glad that we can get by this 3 months..Guess I juz have to keep my fingers crossed as to whether our r/s will be a smooth saliling one from then on..but one thing I can know for sure..and that is the obstacles between each other have lessen one by one..which is definitely a gd sign? =)

Aniwae after school today rush off to meet darling at Clementi MRT station..well..was once again presented with a pleasant surprise by him..Darling bought a bouquet of flower and my fav walnut choc like xing fu de xiao nu ren lahz..but hope that darlingz dun spend too much on such material things ba..wats impt is what ur heart thinkz & feels for me ba.. =)

After munching the delicious food, we made our way to Orchard Road..actually wanted to watch movie de but there aint any good movie that catch my attn in the end we decided to settle for food...before we ate pepper lunch..started out with Taco Bell..the poor boy serving us was rather flustered..well..deep in my heart was thing "Hello ah boi, we weren't even rushing you to serve us our order..y were you so flusttered that you forgot to take out our $5 change from the register before closing it?" (-_-")

Well...aniwae darling was gracious to that poor boy lahz..juz told him that it was ok for him to wait till he serve the next customer before he could open the cash register drawer to return us our change..that is so kind of u...I am so proud of him as in the past when I juz know him..he would talk sternly and even at times scold those with poor service attitude..but today...he is a totally changed - to a more gracious guy... *droolz* =P~~~~

Anyway munch our Taco meal out side Lido & started out on a rather important yet sensitive topic...& that is religion...hmm..a rather sticky topic with differing views frm us he is a christian & I'm a rather so-called "free-thinker"..haha

Went to eat Pepper Lunch after eating..wa..sometimes I wonder if the both of us are pigs or what..can start eating rite after another meal..hoho..but we are...yippee!

I ordered a salmon set while darling order a beef set..wa..such a big serving..luckily we've got all the time to finish it lei..while talking about anything under the sun over the sizzling plate, of course..haha

Went to walk around & went to an Art DIY alot of things in there...I juz love being in such enables me to fantacize & imagine what I could do with all this you have notice..I have not used the word "plan" instead I use "fantasize" & "imagine". This is for the perfectly obvious reason - I am an ART IDIOT! haha

This anniversary date is a very enjoyable one & I hope to have more of such anniversaries..I really hope that my little wish will come true one day...