Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
1/03/2006 10:33:00 PM
Am feeling better after taking the medicine yest. At least I don't feel pain last night when I sleep ~ peaceful sleep lei~! =)

Am rather pissed off today. Some people just don't seem to practice what they say. And worst of all, when you give them an inch they want a metre~! I hate it~! I mean what's the point of it? On one hand they say "oh, you two can just be friends & take things easy." Then when you follow by it they expect that we don't meet at all and tell me all the rubbish of: "I don't suppose you two are meeting rite? After all the talking to you, you are still doing it?". Gosh, then don't talk big and act saint if you don't mean what you say in the 1st place~!

I really think that if any of you guys are reading my blog you should take my advice. Never to ask so much from your kids. Why force them so much to do things against their wishes? And worse of all ask for more and more. You forcing them to resent you or something of that sort eh?

Well, what I can say on my side is that what I've done is the limit le. No longer will I give way. If they can't give way or understand me on my side then so be it. I don't care coz I am really fed up of it le.

Thought of the day for me is:
Managing a relationship is like flying a kite.

Hang on to it tight at times yet loosen it at times.
When you don't, someday the kite will just break away, flying away and never returning.