Beautiful Girls

Wednesday, January 25, 2006
1/25/2006 11:03:00 PM
Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up not being able to attend my morning class. So was studying outside the lecture theatre till around noon when Ava came over to school to fetch me to Wheelocks Place.

Wehehe...we are going to get a prezzie for gay-mond (oopz...its Raymond.. =P). It was some expensive gift she got for him. Well, call that the power of love? Didn't know that our dear Ava is so sotong and senile...said some rather silly stuff to the staff there that left them abit confused...but lucky for us, the staff over there was helpful. =P

After getting the prezzie, we went to shop around abit although class is going to start in like 20 mins time. =P

Went to The Face Shop to get a white nail polish as I wanted to try doing some French manicure. The layout of the shop is really nice. Simple yet brightly lit. Just the kind that attracts my attention. And most importantly, the colour of the nail polish are very nice (my fav pastel colour) and they are cheap too. For a mere $2.50~! What a buy~! =)

Well, as guessed we were late for school. We would have been late or I may think of not going to school if Ava was not driving. Hehe..noti me~! =p

But our mouth didn't stop just because we were in class. In fact, we were talking all the way since she came to fetch me till the day class ended and to her house.

2 pretty gals..hehe

A nice view.. =P

The trip to her house was very nice. In fact, memorable as for 1 thing I've never been in such close contact with a dog before. And most importantly, I love the cute little dog, named MILO~! =P

There was also nice pineapple tarts for me to eat. Apparently they are homemade. But in whatever case, it taste great that even Milo was eyeing it and desperately trying to get our attention to have more of those Chinese New Year goodies~! WohOOooo...~!

Come..nice doggie..Yummz~!

Ewww..stucky saliva drooling from his mouth.. =S

Milo stalking me for goodies...

The most handsome doggie pose.. =P

Finally got active Milo to pose with me...

Nice fleshy butt & tail.. =P~~~

Well, wish I could visit Mr Milo sometime soon~! =)