Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
1/10/2006 09:15:00 PM
Gosh another rainy day...Very much wanted to sleep late..but tonnes of work to do..and with the mock exam coming round the corner..even when I sleep I will have nightmare lohz... =(

Anyway spent the earlier of the day rotting around and try VERY VERY hard to comeplete as much work as possible..but as you see..its such a gloomy day..would rather hibernate through then anything else..haha

Luckily it was the delicious food that mum was preparing in the kitchen that keep me going...Ooopz..forgot to say..its my mum's birthday tomorrow so here we are celebrating it earlier as sister as no time to come home tomorrow...

What a feast~! mum always found it wierd that I am always carrying the cam and taking anything that comes in sight so..I decided to give it a miss of taking pix of those nice delicious food..just to make her happy for the day~! Ain't I a good girl? Haha

Me & Mum~!

Grandma & Mum

Mum & Sis

After having a simple cake cutting session, I went to dress up to meet Eddy.By now, the rain is starting to pour again..and I really regret wearing jeans..coz the road was flooded and I seem to be one of the few pathetic (or mad) people who are out in the heavy rain struggling with the umbrella and trying as much as possible to avoid the gigantic and deep pools of water on the ground.. (-_-")

What heavy rain..Such low visibility.. (-_-")

Almost half my pants wet.. =(

Had a nice time thou..And one thing I found of the best place to shop when it raining maoz & woofz is Suntec that is one place that can really keep you out of the rain...Don't you guys think so? Or is there any other place that you could recommend?

Trading card with design...Spent a long time on designing it...

Leaving no time for the 2nd card.. (-_-")

Lastly, before I end off to K books again..glad that Eddy finally starting to blog again...check out his blog...Nice try of trying to pen down his thoughts..its also in his blog that writes some of the fun things that happen today..check it out ya~! =)