Beautiful Girls

Thursday, January 05, 2006
1/05/2006 10:33:00 PM
Haha~! At last I am going to eat my fav curry today again~! Can't wait to taste it again~! And for the benefit of all I thought I should take some pic of it..

One of the best curry ever ~ Right @ Amara Hotel Foodcourt =P~~~

Darling's Fav Fish Rice From there too...

After dinner it started to rain again..haiz~! But anyway we still made our way to Singapore River. Gosh, we sure are 1 lucky pair coz just as we reach there, it started to end up we had to sit at UOB Plaza..well thou we aint close to the river but it was still a different experience (minus the totally hot couple who were kissing & hugging there & also the smokers around us, of coz~!)

Well anyway just as we were seated, darling started to fumble his bag..thought what was he was then he took out a bouquet of flower. Wa~! I was real shock coz its been awhile since I receive flowers from him le. Well, according to him the giving of flowers this time round is not for no reason, it was because he said he didn't give me one on our 4th month sweet~! Haha

View of SG River despite the heavy drizzle...

Poor us always no one help us take pic of us together..this is just 1 of the few pic..its quite dark thou.. =S

Took a pic of the nice (optical?) lights in UOB Plaza...

Hot Pink Rose this time round~! =)

A different style of wrapping too~! =)

Oh~! Before I end off, thought I should show you guys some pic of goldfishes. Why? Cause darling was very proud that he actually saved those poor little cute fishes from being eaten by other big fishes..haha~! And he said that I should show to you guys the result of his "compassion"..haha~!

The rescued fish~! Yeah~!