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Friday, January 20, 2006
1/20/2006 12:12:00 AM
Haven't been blogging very often lately as I was busy preparing for New Year and at the same time rushing my assignments...

Haven't been a very smooth going week for me too.

1st it happened when I was taking a bus the other day. It was very crowded in there pluz the damn bus driver seems to be in the need to go for another round of driving class. Why? Coz sitting on his bus makes me think that I am sitting on a roller coaster or an airplane that was going thru an air turbulence. Gosh~!

Well, luckily for me Eddy and me found a seat still. But this "fortune" didn't last very long as the bus gradually got more & more crowded after each stop. Well, I could jolly well have glued my butt to the seat just like all the others were doing. But when I saw this rather elderly lady I gave up my seat to HER. But hell, the lady next to her (the shameless one) smiled at me with her sweetest (to me is the most disgusting smile), push pass the elderly lady and plopped down on the seat~! WHat is this~! I was telling Eddy that if I knew this was coming, I should have ignored her smile & ask the elderly lady to sit instead (probably this will shame her abit in the crowded bus? or could it be her skin is too thick?)

Well, anyway, was really fuming and kept turning around to glare at her. After awhile she pretended to fall aleep. Think my expression must be quite murderous~! Can't blame too, you know. Coz halooo..she has blatantly taken a seat that she is not entitled to sit. To prove my point, later on there was a seat vacated next to the old lady and she sat down immediately. See~! She wanted to take my seat just that some shameless woman has taken it.

As for me, was lucky that I did't have to fall while riding on that rocking bus coz there was darling to the rescue. He held on to me so that i don't fall. Well, at least this helps to put out my fire SLIGHTLY... =)

I would have guessed that the encounters of idiotic people ends there for the day. But, no~! It didn't.

Shortly after we got off the bus and walking to the hawker center where all the delicious food was (I was having a craving for it right since the start of the week), I heard a man's whistle. Thinking that it was just one of those happy souls out there, so we didn't take much notice of it.

But guess what? It was actually a super duper rude uncle telling us to clear the way for him~!

Haloo~! Old uncle~! The pavement is so big why must we make way for you~!

So anyway the auntie on the bus earlier on already piss me off l..pluz this old and filthy uncle..grrr...this really set my volcano top blowing~!

So as he walked I began scolding him very loudly from behind. Wanting and hoping very much that he would hear it. I mean really, its not that I am trying to be fussy or what. But come on, the pavement is so bleedy and darling walk only left half the pavement. So why the hell this piece of shit wants to squeeze thru us? Grrr~!

Aniwae we bought some very nice food to eat from the hawker center to eat. Oh ya..the hawker center is called Golden Mile Hawker Centre. Where some of the best food are. =)

Yummy pork porridge..Just the style I like...

Oily but nice chicken rice.. =P

Oh ya..this is the snack Eddy bought for me during his lunch time and one of it was he saved it for me. One of his colleague even told him that he admire how good he is treating me...well..let's just wait and see bahz..hehe

The plate of "love"...

Just like today was spent mainly cleaning up my house. One part that is desperately screaming for my attention is my bedroom. In a total mess. By the time I was done with just my room my finger nails and hands were so dirty that I thought they weren't mine. Haha~!

Files stacked in a horrible manner

After cleaning...

Just look at the amt of dust on my desk.. =S

After cleaning...

My bed has become a table..wohoo~!

After cleaning..

The terrible mess...

After cleaning...

Nice arrangement bo? =)

Later in the evening am going for facial. Wehehe~! Looking forward to it. But was hoping that I will not die of pain when they start squeezing my pimples & blackheads~! =S

when we reach there the carpack was full. Haiz, nearing Chinese New Year period and weekends are the times when shopping places become mad house. And that is when you will have chances to encouter "mad" people too.

Well, the things goes this way. We found a lot wich we were suppose to park. Reversed and got ready to park. That was when the car behind just zoom past us and took the lot. Shit him~! Still dare deny that he didn't know that we were eyeing that lot. Hallo..don't act blur k..unless you drive with your butt as your eyes then I don't blame you. *Pissed off*

At least 1 thing went well. After facial face feels smmother and softer le..Yippee~! Can't wait for Chinese New Year to come~! =)