Beautiful Girls

Tuesday, January 31, 2006
1/31/2006 11:33:00 PM
Its been a real happening & fun-filled holiday. All the eating..hope it does not make me fat by alot.. =P

Yesterday my cousin came over to my house. Gosh, the girls are really having lots of fun with the hamster...

Posing with the hamster

They must have scared the hamster out of his SHIT~! =P

Over the past few days have also taken some pic of the hamsters in various positions...aiyo...totally cute.. =)

Squatted in 1 corner...

Who's that so noisy? Disturb my slp? Grrr..

Peace at I can sleep.. =P

The food container is the best place to sleep in eat~!

Feeling is truely beautiful... =P

Can sleep & exercise..

3 hamster holed up together for warmth..

A lonely hamster sleeping soundly... loving.. =P

Then went to Aunt's house towards the evening today. Much delicious food. & most importantly aunt gave me a bottle of perfume &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; some earrings. is truely beautiful...~! =)

Gambled a few rounds too. Well, as guessed I was on a winning streak. But, haiz...things just started going downhill..& I began losing most of my capital..sobx~! S$2 lei~! All gone~! =(

But 1 thing I've gota give myself some credit is that despite having only 50 cents left I still took up the challenge to become the banker..hehe

And that was when I really lost all my capital of S$2.. =S

Well, come to think of it..maybe if I hadn't acted hero I would have 50 cents left? Probably to buy myself a cup of kopi mahz.. =P

Over there at my cousin's house are two rather fierce or should I say noisy dogs..manage to take some pic of them thou.. =P

The noisy dog.. =S

Nice fur eh?

These few days have also received a couple of ang baos. Some of which are rather I thought I should post it for all to see...

Memoirs of the Geisha...

The cute doggie...

Anyway, below are some pix taken these few days & haven't been published yet...

Milo Wishing a Happy New Year~!

The pic on my calender for this month...nice~!